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photo of laptop displaying digital data marketing strategy

More than at any time in the past, the Internet is the primary pathway to hospitals and healthcare providers for today’s informed consumer. There isn’t a hospital or healthcare marketing professional who hasn’t heard the stat that “over 70 percent of Internet users looked online for health information.” Pew Research confirms that the percent of […]

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key on keyboard reading "influencer"

Right out of the box you should know that working with your digital influencers is a useful way to bolster your social media presence. But you should also know that it’s an advanced, sophisticated and challenging method that’s not for everyone. (Please check out this article to start. But if you still have questions, please […]

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twitter icon

With upwards of 80 million active monthly visitors in the US, Twitter is second only to Facebook, and it’s about the only microblogging site you need in your social media plan. Surprisingly, there are dozens of other similar platforms—better than 100 around the globe—but few people can name more than one or two. As a […]

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social media keys on keyboard

Much like applied medical science, the art of social media mastery begins with asking the right questions. Right up front, the question isn’t “IF you should be using social media” in your health care marketing mix. The better question is: “WHICH of the dozens of social media platforms are the best tools for my plan?” […]

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analytics insight under microscope

On some level, does “your boss” think the business value of social media is roughly the same as an open block party BBQ? Maybe it’s a friendly-nice-to-have, but the measurable marketing impact for hospitals and healthcare is vague at best. And when you know all mind-numbing numbers, how can social media analytics provide audience understanding and […]

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top 100 hospitals 2014 badge

A basic element of healthcare delivery--one that has not changed in recent reforms and re-invention--is that medical care is truly a personal process. Yes, telemedicine has closed issues of distance. And, yes, technology advances have accelerated the speed of diagnosis and care delivery. But in the highly competitive industry, hospitals have not lost sight of the importance of […]

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excited child

You can probably guess from this Facebook picture, our daughter Natalie couldn’t be more excited about “jumping up” to the Junior High ministry at our church. Her enthusiasm is genuine, but I admire the highly effective ways the church uses social media to interact with students and their parents. Right up front I want you […]

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sign reading "Social Media"

The words “social media” and “engagement” seem to be joined at the hip. In healthcare marketing—including outreach from a medical practice, or a hospital—social media (SM) is broadly understood to simply mean your choice of tools. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus are most popular and important. That part is easy. But curiously, the […]

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internet marketing comparison thermometer

[Series Installment: The Worst Mistakes Healthcare Organizations Make When Trying to Attract Patients from the Internet, Mistake Nine: Failure to Use Social Media Properly; from the Healthcare Success Educational Library.] Once upon a time a simplistic website constituted a Web presence. It was little more than a digital Yellow Page listing and, if your competition […]

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social network button

The research folks at Pew Internet provide an insightful report about the multi-layered patterns of social networking by online adults. Marketing and communications professionals can determine the most engaging social media opportunities. Referring to Facebook as “dominant” is almost an understatement. Among online adults using social media (SM) sites, the Pew Research Center reports that […]

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3D letter blocks spelling out "social media marketing"

[A Healthcare Success Educational Series] Social media facilitate patient engagement, service line awareness, new business development and other communications objectives. This educational series provides marketing professionals, hospital executives and medical practice providers with an overview for effective social media planning. LinkedIn is particularly distinctive among the biggest social media (SM) formats. You might say that […]

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twitter icon

[A Healthcare Success Educational Series] Social media platforms have become marketing instruments for patient engagement, service line awareness, new business development and other communications objectives. Each channel has a distinct purpose and personality. This educational series provides marketing professionals, hospital executives and medical practice providers with an overview for social media planning. What (even how) […]

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