Why Your Internal Audience Is Your Most Important Audience

At a routine medical appointment yesterday, a friend of mine was greeted with a chilling: “Please sign in, and take a seat.” No warm hello. No friendly smile. And no way to treat a regular member of the internal audience of this practice. Here’s why: The math is simple and straightforward. It costs at least five […]

Doubling Doctor Referrals: How to Prioritize for Greater Results

We’re not sure that we can say this any stronger. Up and down the nation’s healthcare delivery system, professional referrals are the essential lifeblood of business for many practices. In the world of hospitals and specialty practices, doctor referrals are an indispensable factor in the function of the practice. When a professional referral system is an […]

All Your Eggs in a Singular Conveyance is Risky. Especially with Just One Egg.

Lessons Learned: Falling into marketing is fine-just don’t fall off a one-trick pony. Sometimes clients seem to back into marketing, nearly by accident or perhaps good fortune. And that’s OK… we don’t care how you get there…just get there. To see what we mean, here are a couple snapshot case histories about professional practitioners who […]

How to Improve Patient Satisfaction and Win Patient Referrals

What’s important to patients and three easy ways to measure approval. Sometimes the flow of patients seems…well, over-flowing. But if you’re continually running behind schedule, this could be a danger signal that your quality of care and patient satisfaction are not where you want them to be. Professional and personal fulfillment, for both doctor and […]

A Fresh Look at the 7 Ps of Healthcare Marketing

A regular and pragmatic medical marketing self-examination can be revealing, positive, negative and ultimately, extremely valuable in keeping your healthcare marketing plan operating at peak performance. Here’s how to approach each of the seven classic fundamentals.

How to Get Your Patients to Refer in Droves

Here are two remarkably easy-and highly effective-ways to encourage patients to refer family, friends and colleagues to your practice. The cost is almost nothing, so your Return On Investment (ROI) is through the roof. This is the closest thing you’ll find to guarantee success in internal marketing, and with a little practice and persistence, it’s […]


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