Love ‘em or Hate ‘em: Creative QR Codes in Hospital Marketing

Quick Response, or QR Codes, just might be the fastest-growing marketing and advertising tool in quite a while. And it could be your new best friend for more efficient hospital marketing. The trouble is, they are still new. They are a cause for celebration in some professional marketing ranks, but they remain a complete mystery […]

Why You Need to Explain QR Codes in Physician Practice Advertising and How to Do It Right

There’s a lot of noise out there recently about Quick Response (QR) codes. Healthcare marketing and advertising professionals who track new communications tools and trends are several steps up on the electronic learning curve. Doctors, hospitals and other medical marketers could easily get the misimpression that 100 percent of the general public has a smartphone […]

Using QR Codes: Where, When and Why for Hospital and Medical Practice Advertising

There are several PR dynamics at work in the Athens Banner-Herald article titled QR Technology Helps Women Schedule Mammograms. First, it’s a sterling example of good hospital public relations for the Athens (GA) Regional Health Service. The high-tech spin (about Quick Response codes) draws women (the target audience) into the story about mammogram screenings. Women […]


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