Great Speeches: Doctor Marketing to Enhance Your Reputation and Credibility

To be candid, few people make a bucket of money from being a public speaker. Still, developing your presentation skills definitely belongs in your doctor marketing plan. Healthcare practitioners who take to the stage find a significant—usually indirect—payback for their invested time and effort. Countless venues, both large and small, are commonly available. It’s easy to find […]

Radio Interviews: What Physicians Can Learn From Politics

Early in his journalism career, a professional colleague worked as a field reporter for a top-rated radio station. On any given day, his assignments could range from (boring) City Council sessions to catastrophic five-alarm fires. Some of the most interesting and challenging journalism sprang from the opportunity to report on issues and candidates in the […]

Growing Your Speaking Expertise, Brand and Reputation

Elementary advice about effective public speaking will remind you to know your audience, practice and know your material, smile, make eye contact, project your voice and other basics. With those tips alone—especially with practice and confidence—you’ll likely give a good presentation. When “good” isn’t good enough… For the president of the local Rotary club (a […]

Defining Your Passion: Antidote for Doctor Burnout

[Second of Two Parts] The concluding guest post installment from Pediatric Rheumatologist Dr. Paul Rosen about the challenging, self-discovery process of creating a compelling 18-minute public presentation. Although a TED talk is one example, doctors can use similar, public forum opportunities to draw on and express their passion for the profession and the people they serve. See Part One […]

Leadership, Reputation and the Trade Secrets of World Class Presenters

 [Second of a two-part article for healthcare leaders about mastering presentation skills. See also, Part One 10 Trade Secrets: How Exceptional Public Speakers Make It Look Easy] Public speaking is something that everyone does, most people dread, and some speakers are world-class champs. The occasion can be as a keynote speaker for a major medical […]

10 Trade Secrets: How Exceptional Public Speakers Make It Look Easy

[First of a two-part article for healthcare leaders about mastering presentation skills.] Presentations. Speeches. Talks. Everyone does them. Most people dread giving them. But only a few presenters know the magic behind delivering an exceptional, memorable and impactful public presentation. From a Kiwanis Club luncheon to a staff lecture…from a major medical society presentation to […]

Doctor Marketing Skills: 12 Tips for Effective Presentations

A Bruce Willis tough-guy character might say this—it’s one of those edgy little quips that circulates via the Internet: “I’m only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.” This cheeky advice plays OK as a just-for-fun Twitter message. But it’s obviously a joke. In the real world of healthcare communications and doctor […]

Healthcare Public Speaking: Engaging the Power of Personal Persuasion

The primary reason that public speaking is a powerful and persuasive tool in healthcare marketing is that it is highly personal. A good speech is a tool of engagement that can make an emotional or intellectual connection—sometimes a bond—between the speaker and individuals in the audience. Physicians, medical practice administrators, hospital public relations executives, and […]

8 Public Speaking Tips for Maximum Marketing Mileage

How to succeed at public speaking, enhance your reputation and produce new revenue Successful public speaking can be easier than you think. Natural anxiety aside, speaking is a useful and effective marketing tool for a meaningful connection with professional peers and prospective patients in the community. Attracting new patients and professional referrals is more about […]


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