Healthcare Publicity: The First Three Steps to Getting Free Press Coverage

Get Free Healthcare Practice Publicity by Giving Local Media What They Want Ever wonder what the difference is between advertising and publicity? Simply put, publicity is free. Advertising costs money. In other words, if a newspaper writes a news article about you (but doesn’t charge you), that’s publicity. If the newspaper charges you for the […]

Medical Practice Marketing: Successful Sound Bites Give Your Expertise a Media Voice

When healthcare makes news, journalists—both print and broadcast—want quotes and sound bites that give their stories more excitement, interest and depth. Physicians and surgeons are often sought by the media as authoritative sources for “quote-able” quotes and interesting sound bites. And that’s a sterling opportunity for medical practice marketing and PR to stand in the […]

The First 14 Immutable Rules for Successful Healthcare Public Relations

A fundamental guide for hospital, provider and healthcare organization news releases and media relations. The process of “getting ink” —when your news release or story idea finally appears in the media—has always been a challenge. Often it’s more of an art than a science, enlivened by a generous splash of good luck. (For simplicity in […]

Craft a Truly Newsworthy Hospital or Medical Practice News Release Every Time

It is a daily challenge for most hospitals, medical practices and healthcare public relations professionals to get to and through the “gatekeepers” in the media in order to tell their story to the public. The problem is that prospective topics or story ideas that are important to PR professionals (and their employers) must also be […]

6 Proven Ways to Market Any Healthcare Organization

The New Normal for Medical Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, and Hospital Marketing in Challenging Socioeconomic Times Healthcare Marketing and advertising can appear to be complex, confusing and daunting. But the first steps on the road to success are grounded in only six fundamental building blocks. We think of it as an “ah-ha moment.” It’s that highly […]

Replace “Feel Good” Activities with Real Marketing to Attract Real Patients

You may be able to fund your marketing plan without spending another dime, simply by slashing waste Good intentions and charitable good deeds are not the same as effective marketing. Giving is good and marketing is business-keep those objectives separate to discover savings that produce results. It was a case of mistaken identity. The catch-all […]

A Fresh Look at the 7 Ps of Healthcare Marketing

A regular and pragmatic medical marketing self-examination can be revealing, positive, negative and ultimately, extremely valuable in keeping your healthcare marketing plan operating at peak performance. Here’s how to approach each of the seven classic fundamentals.


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