What Happens When Doctors Sue Unhappy Patients? (It’s Not Pretty)

Experienced doctors tell us that, sooner or later in their career, every physician will face the prospect of legal action. Between 75 and 99 percent of practicing doctors, depending on their specialty, will be threatened by a lawsuit according to a NEJM study. Although “patient-sues-doctor” rarely makes the news, the reverse situation—doctor-sues-patient—seems to make the headlines […]

6 Tips to Refreshing Your Newsletter (Like We Did)

We’ve been working on redesigning and refreshing our marketing information newsletter. And since the subject of newsletter content and construction was top of mind for us, we wanted to share a few how-to tips about the process. Not long ago we conducted a Reader Survey that was open to our 15,000+ subscribers. The responses helped […]

Abercrombie & Fitch: Valuable Branding Lesson Abrasively Presented

The fashionable (ie snooty) retail clothing industry has more than a few elite and upscale brands. Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) is one of those labels. But in the media recently, their uber-appeal to “the cool kids” crowd sounded abrasive, and offensive to many. But nearly buried in all the negative press coverage are some valuable […]

Is Your Desk Creating a Good Impression of You and Your Practice?

by Neil H. Baum, MD Editor’s Note: In this post, Dr. Neil Baum presents doctor-to-doctor ideas founded in his 30 years of real-world experience as a practicing urologist in New Orleans. He is a sought-after speaker, and the author of Social Media For the Healthcare Professional, Greenbranch Publishing, 2011. What is your first impression of […]

Why Doctors Should Seek Publicity. Here’s How. [Part 2]

Editor’s Note: In this second of a two-part post, Dr. Neil Baum presents doctor-to-doctor ideas that are founded in 30 years of real-world experience as a practicing urologist in New Orleans. He is a sought-after speaker, and the author of Social Media For the Healthcare Professional, Greenbranch Publishing, 2011. Part 1 is available here. Physicians […]

Reporters Can Be Digging for Dirt, Not Digging for Gold: A Healthcare PR Caution

Doctors are often called upon by members of the news media to speak or be quoted as an authoritative source. Often, that’s good, but there could be a downside. Physicians, medical practice administrators and hospital marketing and PR executives need to consider that sometimes reporters are not digging for gold, they are digging for dirt. […]

Teaching Moments in Healthcare Marketing From Our Editor’s Wastebasket

Our Managing Editor at Healthcare Success is normally an easy-going person who doesn’t get upset easily. After all, he easily handles the daily high-strung environment of publishing deadlines and life in the medical advertising agency fast lane. But now and then some things cross his desk that make him cringe, “This is dumb.” Moments like […]

The TV Camera is On You: Handling the Healthcare Interview

The people you see on the nightly TV news make appearing on camera look easy. Study them for a few minutes. The anchor desk types—the particularly good ones—are calm, collected and confident. And, with years of training and experience, they deliver a sense of authority, sincerity and believability. So there you have it. As a […]

Telling Your Tale of Texting Technology: A Medical PR Opportunity

Hospitals—at least some hospitals—have a reputation for being laggards on the technology adoption curve. There’s some truth to that; after all, big medical devices have a big price tag and six- and seven-figure capital investments don’t happen weekly. But the truth is that many hospitals and group medical practices have discovered new ways to apply […]

Healthcare Publicity: Winning Techniques and Fatal Pitfalls to Your Free Press

More Inside Tips, Dos and Don’ts to Reach Patients Through the Media EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a follow up article to Healthcare Publicity: The First Three Steps To Getting Free Press Coverage Our previous article about medical publicity and public relations got you started with the first three steps to discovering short-term healthcare practice publicity […]


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