When Doctors Underestimate Rival Practices, Professional Referrals Vanish

All too often a healthcare practice will wait to ask for my help until the “eleventh hour.” That was the case when a medical group (belatedly) discovered their growth curve had become a flat line. It turned out that their once-robust stream of professional referrals was vanishing. A rival practice was attracting this group’s lifeblood of […]

6 Ways to Tune-up Your Ophthalmology Marketing

Depending on what you read, statistics say that today’s ophthalmology market is either up or down. But the business of optometric surgery and related medical eye care is definitely changing. On one hand, the big-picture numbers peg ophthalmology growth at four to five percent, due in part to a large and aging population evidencing cataracts, […]

Inbound Phone Calls: Why You Are Losing New Business

Every medical provider’s office gets at least two kinds of “opportunity” phone calls (described below) that potentially mean new business. Unfortunately, most doctors, medical groups and hospitals are losing new patients and cases when the phone rings…and they don’t know it. Here’s what’s going wrong, and what do instead. We don’t mean to be unkind […]

Scary Secret #4: What Doctors Don’t Know About Professional Referrals

by Senior Consultant Lori Waltz I’d like share a brief marketing story that’s straight from the real-life medical world. It’s a little scary to think that this just might be happening in your own practice, but even worse, you might not know it. See if you can relate… The setting is a metropolitan suburb in […]

9 Ways to Kill Your Physician Liaison Program Before It Begins

The historic picture is nothing like today. For decades, competition within the nation’s healthcare delivery system was low-key, even passive. And the vital professional referral stream that traditionally brought new patients to hospitals and specialty practices required little marketing attention…if anyone thought much about it at all. But the dynamics of healthcare reform and other forces […]

The Vital Few: Referral Strategies to Protect and Grow Your Healthcare Business

Who’s this guy Vilfredo Pareto and what makes him a partner in my practice? Anyone with a specialty healthcare business –one that is primarily fueled by referrals from other professional practices–should recognize the business rule named after a turn-of-the-century Italian economist. The “Pareto Principle” is better known as “the 80-20 rule.” And, as it turns […]

Hard-Dollar Reasons Why Physician Marketing Begins with Simply Being Liked

The core concepts of Likeonomics are so essential to successful healthcare branding and marketing that every doctor, dentist, physician, surgeon, provider (and their staff) will find value in this powerful little business book. Healthcare delivery is a highly personal transaction that primarily occurs while a provider and patient are face-to-face. And if this intersection does […]

Where to Find an Army of Reps to Deliver Doctor Referrals

Not so long ago, only a few hospitals and medical practices had some sort of “ambassador” on their staff. But as healthcare marketing and delivery systems have changed in recent years, this occasional and sometimes informal position has evolved significantly. Practices, hospitals and health systems large and small have hired physician liaisons for the primary […]

Referral Pipeline Rules Made Simple: Physician Marketing Basics That Keep It Flowing

Referral Pipeline Rules Made Simple: Physician Marketing Basics That Keep It Flowing Each year, about 22 million patients are referred from one healthcare professional to a professional colleague. And patient referrals account for hundreds of times more than that number. In physician marketing, direct referrals into the practice often represent a large and significant segment […]

6 Proven Ways to Market Any Healthcare Organization

The New Normal for Medical Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, and Hospital Marketing in Challenging Socioeconomic Times Healthcare Marketing and advertising can appear to be complex, confusing and daunting. But the first steps on the road to success are grounded in only six fundamental building blocks. We think of it as an “ah-ha moment.” It’s that highly […]


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