3 Shocking Statistics: How to Double Your Doctor Referral Opportunity

It turns out that “missed appointments” aren’t the core problem for specialty practices. At first glance, it seems like it would top the list. Almost every office has some “no shows.” But what cripples business the most is when a doctor referral never happens at all. Therefore consider the net effect of these three shocking […]

4 Physician Referral-Building Mistakes That Spoil Your Reputation

The business of physician referrals—that stream of new cases and revenue—depends on maintaining a solid relationship with colleagues. Doctor-to-doctor patient referrals rely on a trust and confidence that goes beyond your CV, clinical skills and professional experience. Your reputation is on the line. I have the good fortune to travel throughout the country working with […]

Staying Visible, Viable and Independent in a Highly Competitive Market

[Marketing Minute Video Series] Account Manager and Marketing Strategist Bernadette Wilson, MBA, and Healthcare Success CEO Stewart Gandolf talk about competition. Another Marketing Minute from Healthcare Success with tips, techniques and ideas for successful medical practice or hospital marketing and advertising. The revolution in today’s healthcare has shifted to consumerism, with many medical practices rolling-up […]

Defectors: When Professional Colleagues Stop Referring

A curious thing about professional referrals is that nobody pays much attention until they disappear. Sometimes, what doctors don’t know about professional referrals is alarming. The analogy of a “life blood” source of business is appropriate, particularly for specialty medical practices that rely on the flow of new patients. Although referrals from other providers is central to […]

Your Doctor Referral Patterns Are Changing at Light Speed

Are you pretending that your professional referral stream is “business as usual?” Let me tell you about an experience that just might be an abrupt wakeup call. At an oncology conference recently, I spoke with a Healthcare Success client who attended one of my keynote presentations. The topic, of course, was about effective marketing in […]

Scary Secret #4: What Doctors Don’t Know About Professional Referrals

by Senior Consultant Lori Waltz I’d like share a brief marketing story that’s straight from the real-life medical world. It’s a little scary to think that this just might be happening in your own practice, but even worse, you might not know it. See if you can relate… The setting is a metropolitan suburb in […]

Secret #5: How Strong Relationships Grow Doctor Referrals

Maintaining the flow of doctor referrals is vital—if not life-and-death critical—in many professions. What’s more, healthcare reform and intense competition has made the whole business of professional referrals more challenging than ever to sustain. In our experience, working with hundreds of referral-dependent practitioners, we’ve identified a nearly a dozen “secrets;” proven techniques that give stability […]

All-Time Top 10 Questions: What Patients, Referring Physicians and Payors Want to Know Most

In our work with clients across the United States, we often help medical providers understand what their primary constituencies need and want. A starting point for a provider group for instance, would be an exercise in discovering what patients, referring physicians and payors want to know. And when you recognize the questions of these groups—what […]

How to Shape Successful Relationships and Increase Referrals

The six key elements in an effective CRM program for specialty practices and others. Healthcare is business that’s all about relationships. Every practice or organization appreciates a new patient referral, but specialty practices that depend on referrals don’t leave the process to chance or pure goodwill. The basics of a relationship program guide reps, business […]

Doubling Doctor Referrals: How to Prioritize for Greater Results

We’re not sure that we can say this any stronger. Up and down the nation’s healthcare delivery system, professional referrals are the essential lifeblood of business for many practices. In the world of hospitals and specialty practices, doctor referrals are an indispensable factor in the function of the practice. When a professional referral system is an […]


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