Make No Mistake: Using Your First and Best Healthcare Marketing Tool

Perhaps you can relate to the experience of a colleague of ours. His observation is a healthcare marketing and advertising lesson of opportunity lost. I frequently travel a main commercial street in our community…just one a thousands of local residents in vehicles on our way to or from the nearby post office, the drug store […]

Your Healthcare Marketing Name: What You Do Beats Who You Are

We don’t want this post to sound like a rant…so we’ll keep our criticism to constructive tips (and only vent a little). It’s about marketing-smart healthcare practice and medical facility names…and by extension, their exterior signage (or lack of it). To be blunt, eight out of 10 times it’s wrong. The root of our two-fold […]

DOs and DON’Ts of Creating a Marketing-Smart (new) Name

Sooner or later every healthcare provider will need to name, or rename, his or her professional practice. And for most, it will be sooner, given the upheaval in contemporary health delivery systems. Healthcare reform and the tough economic climate have propelled many of these changes, with more to come. Medical practices and solo physician providers […]


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