Heard about “Patch?” Something New and Local for Healthcare Advertising and Public Relations

Here’s something to add to your list of local news media. It’s called Patch.com, it’s new and it probably belongs on your hospital or medical practice advertising and public relations media list. Patch—which creates a dedicated local news presence in upscale communities—calls itself “your source for local knowledge you can’t live without.” Patch isn’t everywhere […]

Thought-Provoking Questions for Medical Practice Marketing in Disturbing Economic Times

There’s another timely and thought-provoking post by Stewart over at his blog, Gandolf’s Marketing Magic, titled The First Step To Dealing With Our “New Normal” Is Acceptance. Drawing on several authoritative sources—including candid insight from his personal and business experience—the portrait of the nation’s economic “New Normal” is, at best, troubling. It’s also likely to […]

Will EHR Adoption Help or Hurt Patient Experience? A Physician Practice Marketing Challenge for Tablet Computers.

It’s a little frightening that in physician practice marketing we often discover more examples of “poor” patient experience than “good” ones. In fairness, the good stuff rarely gets the spotlight that it deserves, and the negative examples are often magnified. The doctor-patient relationship is often strained, and positive, personal relationships—among patient, provider and staff—is often […]

How the “New Sales Strategies” Work in Physician Marketing

As technology has evolved in the digital age, so too have the most effective sales strategies. By the way, please don’t be put off by the “S-word,” but if you prefer, label it business development, or even what you say to win patient compliance. By whatever name, healthcare providers and medical marketing professionals do it—you […]

How Bonding Over Food Enhances Physician Relations in Medical Practice Marketing

The deceptively simple concept of “breaking bread” is actually a powerful healthcare marketing tool. It’s an idea that seemingly has little connection with hospital or medical practice marketing. But the reality is that people bond over food, and here is how physicians, administrators, physician liaison representatives and others can make more effective use of “food […]

Helping Patients with Medical Marketing Testimonials. A “How-To” from ENT Marketing for Others.

Testimonials—a patient’s expression of appreciation for you, your practice and their results—are powerful motivators for potential patients, and highly useful in medical practice marketing. And, being mindful of HIPAA, many professional situations can use this tool effectively. While patients are often happy to make referrals and testimonial statements, they often don’t have a clue about […]

Healthcare Public Speaking: Engaging the Power of Personal Persuasion

The primary reason that public speaking is a powerful and persuasive tool in healthcare marketing is that it is highly personal. A good speech is a tool of engagement that can make an emotional or intellectual connection—sometimes a bond—between the speaker and individuals in the audience. Physicians, medical practice administrators, hospital public relations executives, and […]

Four Change Agents That Will Influence Your Future Healthcare Marketing

Here’s a heads-up snapshot of four recent news items. Each of these is likely to be of growing importance on your healthcare, medical or hospital marketing horizon. We’ll be watching and writing more about: Google takes a new swing at Facebook with Google+. This, we predict, will be big…or at least a big battle of […]

Why David Ogilvy is the Father of Advertising: We Sell or Else.

If you don’t know a lot about “The Father of Advertising,” please invest a few minutes with David Makenzie Ogilvy. Your return on investment will be an insight to some of the most powerful and effective ideas in advertising. This is a tiny piece of advertising industry history, but we can assure you that David Ogilvy’s […]


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