Surprise Success: Attitude Shift Lifts New Patient Appointments 41 Percent

We just love to tell a good medical marketing success story, and this one has an unexpected punchline. Although the real world stage is an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) practice on the East Coast, the value lesson isn’t limited to otolaryngology marketing. The core concept is useful for nearly all medical practice owners and […]

The One Thing That Apple Can’t Include Inside the Product Package

If your healthcare marketing materials were as easily created and remarkably beautiful as an Apple product demonstration, you would never need professional design or writing services again. Ever. Apple’s advertising is powerfully compelling. Creative materials—books, photos, videos—appear intuitively simple to do, and some people are mesmerized into believing that do-it-yourself (DIY) is a short cut […]

Healthcare Branding: That Was Then. This Is Now.

There’s been a dramatic increase in the need for healthcare branding. In fact, we’d have to call it a huge rise in doctor branding, physician branding and hospital branding—all propelled by various factors in the marketplace. Broadly speaking, we’d put the change-agents under the umbrella label of “healthcare reform.” And three of these forces—empowered patients, […]

Doctor Marketing Tip: Your Disappearing Patients and How to Reach Them

The recent report from accounting firm PwC—Top Health Industry Issues of 2012—is near the top of our recommended reading list for marketing savvy physicians and healthcare marketing professionals. Thought leaders—providers, group practices and hospitals—will want to take note of two interconnected findings that jump out of the data. First, there’s the problem of the “disappearing […]

Physician Advertising Mistake #11: Not Knowing How to Evaluate Creative Materials

One of the great rewards of working with doctors and healthcare executives for over two decades is that we have a treasure chest of experience that we share with clients. We’ve seen first hand those things that are most effective in marketing a practice, hospital and organization. We love success stories in medical marketing and […]

Where to Find an Army of Reps to Deliver Doctor Referrals

Not so long ago, only a few hospitals and medical practices had some sort of “ambassador” on their staff. But as healthcare marketing and delivery systems have changed in recent years, this occasional and sometimes informal position has evolved significantly. Practices, hospitals and health systems large and small have hired physician liaisons for the primary […]

Case Study: The “Anti-Sales Philosophy” Doubles Physician Advertising Effectiveness

There’s nothing like a real-life success story to illustrate the bottom-line, dollars-and-cents value of a medical practice marketing principle. In this case, a physician group specialty practice more than doubled its new patient revenue by training the staff to properly answer the phone and book appointments.

Physician Marketing: Industry Example of a Warm Welcome Letter that Wins Friends

A package arrived in the mail recently containing an inexpensive computer case that had been ordered online. We were expecting the product, but the enclosed letter from the business owners was a surprise. It was a good one. Their letter is an example of how a small effort—at virtually no cost—can win friends and cement […]

How to Destroy Your Medical Practice Marketing New Business in One Easy Step

We have the marketing equivalent of gastric indigestion. It’s that churning upset in our gut when exceptionally effective medical practice advertising inspires qualified prospective patients to phone the provider’s office—only to be rejected at the front desk. Here’s the disturbing little back-story that upset us recently. Keep in mind this is true and, unfortunately, it’s […]

Heard about “Patch?” Something New and Local for Healthcare Advertising and Public Relations

Here’s something to add to your list of local news media. It’s called, it’s new and it probably belongs on your hospital or medical practice advertising and public relations media list. Patch—which creates a dedicated local news presence in upscale communities—calls itself “your source for local knowledge you can’t live without.” Patch isn’t everywhere […]


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