How a Trigonometry Teacher Can Grow Your Medical Practice

In this guest post, Phil Sharp fondly remembers his math teacher and finds an insightful and practical lesson for medical practice marketing. It’s all about smashing boring routine with a highly memorable patient experience. I know you’re a busy doctor, but if you let me tell you a quick story about my former trigonometry teacher, […]

Why Social Spending Sites May Not Be a Bargain for Physician Advertising

Just when you thought (perhaps hoping) the various “daily deal” sites had reached their peak, it turns out they are continuing to grow in popularity with consumers. The trouble is, results for hospital or medical practice advertising can be spotty. Hidden behind the glitz and glamour of worldwide growth, industry observers and studies caution that […]

Doctor Marketing: Patients Are Always Judging You

It doesn’t happen as often these days, but from time to time we find ourselves in a discussion with a practitioner who confidently declares that they have no need for “doctor marketing,” much less any need for a health care advertising agency. The back-story in each conversation varies, but we often discover that their mindset […]

Surprised? The Increasing Importance of Physician-to-Physician Referrals

At first glance, this looks like another one of those instances of a “surprising secret” article where the subject material is neither too surprising nor too secret. It turns out that the recent WSJ/SmartMoney article about the work of physician liaisons and practice representatives is good info for patients, but it isn’t startling news to […]

Share Your Genius. Show Your Best Work. Contribute a Post to The Healthcare Marketing Exchange.

We’re looking for good ideas from good writers…and we’d love to share your genius with our 14,000-plus subscribers (professionals, practitioners, administrators and healthcare marketing professionals.) Let’s hear from you. We’re about to update and expand The Healthcare Marketing Exchange blog and our free Healthcare Success Marketing Advisor newsletter. We welcome innovative healthcare marketing ideas that […]

Get Small: The Digital World is a Mobile World

If you don’t have a mobile strategy for your healthcare marketing, your online presence may have disappeared from view. The critical question is: Is your medical, dental or hospital ready for the “small screen?” Just when you thought your healthcare marketing website was completely functional, along comes an overpowering wave of smartphones and mobile devices. […]

Lead-Balloon Letter: How Not to Announce a Fee Increase

Right up front we want to say that we’re more than understanding about the financial struggle that goes with operating a medical practice. The nation’s economy remains soft, reimbursements are down, overhead costs are up; private practice is a tough business. (Most businesses—large or small, product or service, retail or otherwise—feel a financial pinch, including […]

Success Story: Orthopedic Center of Illinois’ Unified Marketing Message

Generally, we’re a bit modest about the work we do as a healthcare advertising agency, but once in a while we like to tell a good success story. And this tale is worth retelling for several reasons. First, it was a complex marketing issue…and we like that kind of challenge. Second, the client is pleased […]

4 Tested Ways to Uncover New Healthcare Business Opportunities

A while ago a doctor came to us with the complaint: “I haven’t been in practice 15 years…I’ve been in practice one year 15 times.” That conversation lead us to help him discover medical practice marketing opportunities that not only enriched his business, they enlivened his professional satisfaction. There’s more to discovering new healthcare marketing […]


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