When Lightning Strikes: Planning for Crisis Communications

A crisis communications plan is a bit like the safety air bags in your car. You always want to have them, but you hope they’ll never be needed. It’s always bad news. Preparedness is the key to handling “bad news” in hospital and healthcare communications. It’s simply good “PR insurance” to have contingency protocols at […]

Healthcare Publicity: The First Three Steps to Getting Free Press Coverage

Get Free Healthcare Practice Publicity by Giving Local Media What They Want Ever wonder what the difference is between advertising and publicity? Simply put, publicity is free. Advertising costs money. In other words, if a newspaper writes a news article about you (but doesn’t charge you), that’s publicity. If the newspaper charges you for the […]

Craft a Truly Newsworthy Hospital or Medical Practice News Release Every Time

It is a daily challenge for most hospitals, medical practices and healthcare public relations professionals to get to and through the “gatekeepers” in the media in order to tell their story to the public. The problem is that prospective topics or story ideas that are important to PR professionals (and their employers) must also be […]


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