Patient Satisfaction and the Challenge of Winning Provider Engagement [Podcast]

[2014 Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Speaker Podcast] In our continuing series of leadership interviews, Lonnie Hirsch of Healthcare Success talks with Gus Taylor, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) at Florida Medical Clinic about his forthcoming presentation at the 5th Annual Patient Experience: Empathy Plus Innovation Summit hosted in Cleveland, Ohio by Cleveland Clinic from May 18-21. “In […]

Medical Grand Rounds: The Impact of Patients’ Perceptions of Care on Physicians [Podcast Series]

[2014 Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Speaker Series] In our continuing series of leadership interviews, Maureen Fagan, Executive Director of the Center for Patients and Families at Brigham and Women’s Hospital previews her Empathy + Innovation Summit presentation. Her talk at the Patient Experience Summit is titled, Patient and Family Centered Care in Medical Grand Rounds: […]

9 Best Practice Tips and Techniques for Superior Podcasts and Audio Content

Online audio content—such as podcasts, webinars, interviews and the like—have grown in popularity and availability in the past year or two…with (currently) over a million podcast downloads per month. It’s a useful and effective marketing tool for hospitals and medical practices. And, with a little bit of preparation and practice, audio content is relatively low-cost […]

Kaiser Permanente Secret Sauce: Patient Stories Well-Told

[Podcast Series] In our continuing hospital leadership series, Healthcare Success Co-Founder Lonnie Hirsch talks with Lisa Ryan, Executive Director of National Advertising for Kaiser Permanente. The Kaiser Permanente organization has some distinct advantages. In their words, “The way we deliver health care is different. We are the caregiver, the hospital, the laboratory, and the pharmacy. […]

Back From the Brink: Financial and PR Recovery at Ohio Valley Health

[Podcast Series] In our continuing hospital leadership series, Lonnie Hirsch talks with Laurie Labishak, VP Marketing, PR and Community Relations, Ohio Valley Health Services and Education, Wheeling WV. Recorded at the SHSMD Connections meeting in Chicago, Laurie describes the community hospitals’ recovery strategy, successful turnaround and public relations strategy.  The public relations situation could hardly have […]

The Art and Science of Creating a Master Brand for Advocate Health Care

[SHSMD13 Podcast Series] In our continuing hospital leadership interviews hosted by Lonnie Hirsch, Advocate Health Care’s Kelly Jo Golson previews her SHSMD Connections 2013 presentation titled Breakthrough Brand Strategy. This case study presents the transition from a fragmented and unrecognized collection of hospital brands to a master brand for Advocate. The task of creating a […]

How MD Anderson Empowers Patients from the First Virtual Contact

[SHSMD13 Podcast Series] Awhile back, the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center recognized that it had a patient experience problem at their front door. Associate Vice President of Marketing Alicia Jansen explains it this way: “One of the things that we noticed early on was that the biggest sticking point that our patients had in interacting with […]

At Cleveland Clinic, Patient Experience is Not Just About Patient Satisfaction

[Podcast] For a large healthcare system or any hospital for that matter, success with “patient experience” is far deeper than “making the patient happy.” Take it from Cleveland Clinic, the first healthcare organization in the United States to appoint a Chief Experience Officer. “It’s not just about satisfaction. This is about how we deliver quality […]

Hospital Emergency Departments May Be Overrun by ACA Newly Insured [Podcast]

In our continuing series of healthcare marketing podcasts, Dr. Marc Salzberg, President of the Board of Directors of the Urgent Care Association of America, discusses increasing public demand and other critical issues facing the urgent care industry in advance of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Interviewed by Healthcare Success Co-Founder and Hospital Division Director Lonnie […]

Win Win: Aligning the New Mexico COOP Health Plan with Primary Care

Our podcast today is another in our series for the Physician Strategies Summit. In today’s interview, Healthcare Success Founding Partner Lonnie Hirsch talks with Martin Hickey, MD, CEO, New Mexico Health Connections, Albuquerque, NM. As the Accountable Care Act (ACA) continues to unfold, it introduces new nonprofit health plans aimed at uninsured individuals and small […]


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