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On some level, does “your boss” think the business value of social media is roughly the same as an open block party BBQ? Maybe it’s a friendly-nice-to-have, but the measurable marketing impact for hospitals and healthcare is vague at best. And when you know all mind-numbing numbers, how can social media analytics provide audience understanding and […]

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Does anyone still need to be convinced that Pinterest should be part of your hospital marketing plan? The typical objections might be that this social media platform is still too new…it may not deliver any value…or they’re still in a beta test phase. A conservative approach to online fads and fancies is reasonable. (This morning’s […]

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The buzz around that “new” social media site Pinterest (the virtual pinboard where you “pin” things of interest) has been explosive in the past few weeks. But like many “overnight sensations,” this emerging technology has actually been around for a couple of years. Some medical and dental practices, hospitals, healthcare marketing professionals and health-condition-specific ePatients […]

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In the time it takes to read this post, a handful of new concept, Internet startups will launch with as much splash as they can muster. And, in the same brief amount of time, last week’s crop of “latest-and-greatest” social media, Facebook-clones and “community” sites will have vaporized. We don’t know if the lifecycle of […]

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