Are Physician Liaison Programs a No-Win, Zero-Sum Marketing Game?

We’d like to hear from our readers about a quote from a USA Today story. (We suspect that more than a few people will have a reply…perhaps a passionate reply.) The subject matter is physician liaison work and the context is primarily about hospital-physician relations. More broadly however, the subject is physician referral marketing in […]

Where to Find an Army of Reps to Deliver Doctor Referrals

Not so long ago, only a few hospitals and medical practices had some sort of “ambassador” on their staff. But as healthcare marketing and delivery systems have changed in recent years, this occasional and sometimes informal position has evolved significantly. Practices, hospitals and health systems large and small have hired physician liaisons for the primary […]

Holiday Giving and the Gift of Success: Sharing a Healthcare Marketing Resource

With the holiday season upon us, here’s an incredibly useful gift idea for doctors, hospitals and healthcare professionals. What’s more, the cost couldn’t be better. Offer a subscription to the Healthcare Success Marketing Advisor to your friends, colleagues, physicians, administrators and staff. You’ll be giving them the gift of success that is packed with valuable, practical, […]

How to Trigger Word of Mouth Advertising and Physician Practice Referrals

Lately we’ve been increasingly aware of the growing importance of word of mouth (WOM) advertising in physician practice marketing and medical marketing in general. WOM can be either positive (resulting in a patient referral and new business), or it can be negative (resulting in, well, nothing). Having experienced both edges of that sword, we all […]

How Bonding Over Food Enhances Physician Relations in Medical Practice Marketing

The deceptively simple concept of “breaking bread” is actually a powerful healthcare marketing tool. It’s an idea that seemingly has little connection with hospital or medical practice marketing. But the reality is that people bond over food, and here is how physicians, administrators, physician liaison representatives and others can make more effective use of “food […]

Lessons Learned: The Worst Physician Marketing Debacle Ever

By Stewart Gandolf I recently asked our team to share some of the worst medical marketing mistakes they’ve ever witnessed out “in the field.” As a word of caution, the incident I am about to share is so egregious that my team was divided as to whether we should publish it, or bury it forever. […]

Don’t Shoot Holes in Your Physician Liaison’s Marketing Efforts

Editor’s Note: Healthcare Success authored this article as one of a series for ImagingBiz, a unique industry publication that delivers business intelligence for hospitals, imaging centers and radiology practices. The marketing concepts regarding physician liaison, practice representative, physician relations or business development apply to many professional, medical and healthcare marketing situations.  

A Broken Guitar, Unhappy Musician, Indifferent Airline and Viral Video. The Imperfect Customer Service Storm.

Sometimes we think that Stewart Gandolf has way too much fun over at his blog, Gandolf’s Marketing Magic. I submit as evidence, and for your consideration, Stewart’s recent post that begins with the story about how a customer complaint became a YouTube music-and-video saga (in three parts) titled United Breaks Guitars. As a quick disclosure, […]

Flat Tire and Exceeding Expectations: How Empowerment Paves the Road of Patient Satisfaction

by Steve Smith, Healthcare Success Senior Consultant Recently, I told you about the negative impact of five cents worth of coffee. That story was really about how a missed opportunity can be costly. Today, I am pleased to tell you about the opposite, about how a few cents worth of product and labor can make […]

A Rose by Any Other Name: What to do When Healthcare Marketing is a Thorny Label

Be honest…does your boss think that “marketing” is an evil word? Or maybe it’s just a “necessary evil” that has to be tolerated because they still need the business. From time to time we discover a negative undercurrent about marketing in all sorts of healthcare organizations. We work with physician groups, hospitals and individual practices […]


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