Two Quick Lessons to Improve Doctor-Patient Communications

Face-to-face with patients, doctors are expected to do more and communicate better within the same or less time with the patient. It’s the “catch-22” of healthcare’s patient-centered, world. In addition to excellence in clinical care, and a positive outcome, effective and empathetic communications is the essential ingredient. The typical “10-minute-and-10-second” doctor-patient encounter is an agenda […]

Doctor-to-Doctor Insight: Saving Souls and the Magic of Sharing Joy

Editor Note: It seems as if physician stress, discouragement and professional burnout are common. For validation, there’s a fresh research paper or national survey is in the news every few months. Many doctors don’t want to be doctors any longer. But far less frequently—if you look carefully—you can find a spirit-lifting story on the positive […]

Seeing Patients by the Dozen: Group Appointments Are Increasing

The concept of shared medical appointments (one doc seeing several patients) isn’t well known or widely available…yet. That seems to be changing. The pressures of “more patients” and “fewer doctors” (among other things) are straining the nation’s healthcare delivery system, but it’s fueling innovative approaches that save time, reduce cost, and improve access, outcomes and […]

The Ideal Doctor Revealed: What Patients Want Most Before You Say Hello

How the Voice of the Customer translates into greater case acceptance and referrals. Some interesting study data came to our attention recently. It’s useful in understanding patient expectations and increasing case acceptance by way of the “Voice of the Customer” (VOC). It’s especially helpful when economic times are challenging for both the patient and the hospital, healthcare […]

Physicians’ Crying Need for Communications Training in Doctor Marketing

There’s yet another survey out recently that suggests how some surgeons could use the help of communications professionals and training when it comes to doctor-patient communications. Last month’s findings—published in the August issue of the Archives of Surgery—points to the fact that surgeons lack formal training in how to deliver bad news to patients. Effective […]

The Forgotten Step That Makes All the Difference to Patient Experience

There’s one vital step in shaping a positive patient experience that is often forgotten or neglected. In healthcare marketing terms, it’s the one step that can make or break everything else you do to put the patient first and grow your brand and reputation. The nature of healthcare delivery is, more than ever before, focused […]

Success Skills: Recognizing Buying Signals Improves Case Acceptance

How to practice your “empathetic listening” for better patient communications Professionals need to be effective communicators, particularly when offering elective care options. Exceptional patient communications begin with careful listening skills that can be cultivated with daily practice.


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