Video Calling Shrinks Distance, Time and Cost in Healthcare

Have you noticed the recent wave of TV commercials for one-to-one video calling (Apple Facetime), or multiple participation (GoToMeeting) video collaboration, or one-to-many webcasting? In business, it’s all as close, convenient and immediate as your smart phone, tablet or laptop. For personal and small business uses the service is free or low cost and it’s […]

23: Number of Useful Internet Marketing Stats in This Healthcare Post

On any given day—everyday, actually—you and I and everyone in the country are the primary landing zone for over 5,000 advertising and marketing messages. (There are many days when it seems like the number should be much higher.) But that’s the average—so says the Content Marketing Institute—and in our estimation, the online, social media and […]

An Intelligent Approach to Creating an Durable Marketing Plan

Isn’t hindsight great? You’re beginning a quarterly assessment of your Marketing Plan, and some marketing and advertising elements played out close to plan. But then there are troublesome parts of the plan where you’re faced with a painful dissection of incorrect assumptions, increased competition, erratic consumer needs and wants, and the relentless rollout of the […]

Fatal Last Words That Wreck Doctor Marketing

Two of the most important benefits that we bring to our clients—both hospitals and provider practices—are objectivity and experience. We were reminded of this again recently while working with a large specialty practice in the northeast. We’ve paraphrased the following quote, but it falls into our collection of “fatal last words,” which we know from […]

Doctor Marketing: The Word Power in What You Say vs. How You Say It

There’s an amusing but instructive doctor and physician marketing lesson to be found in listening to television interviews and discussions. The idea is to take note of a media pundit’s careful choice of words. The lesson is not so much in WHAT they say as in HOW they say it. In politics they call it […]

Rules of Engagement: Motivations That Make Your Content Contagious

Simply having a Facebook page is less than half the challenge. To be an effective hospital and healthcare marketing tool, the greater obstacle is to understand reader motivations, and to provide content that will attract and engage. There’s no doubt that Facebook is a social media biggie. “Two-thirds of online American adults [67 percent] are […]

Why Your Excellent Clinical Skills Alone Will Not Win Out in Physician Marketing

There’s a compelling lesson in physician marketing in this story. A while back, on an ordinary morning in Washington, DC, a street musician played his violin for 45 minutes in the L’Enfant Plaza Metro subway station. Few people paid attention to the music or stopped to listen. For his efforts, the street musician collected $32.17 […]

Brochure-ware: When Physician Websites Fail Miserably

Healthcare marketing professionals cringed at the news in our earlier post, Little Blue Book Blues: Doctors Think Their Website is a Failure. It’s a gut-wrenching awareness that only 8 percent of physicians feel their website is the source of new patients. Hopefully, your website has a significantly better track record. But another survey tells us […]

Sharecasting: How to Magnify Your Healthcare Marketing Influence and Reputation

In the past few years, healthcare providers and marketing executives have been actively sharing ideas and information as an effective means of reaching and engaging patients online. Doctors, hospitals and health systems are creating and maintaining meaningful relationships by presenting timely information today that prospective patients may need tomorrow. And content that they share is […]


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