5 Reasons Your Practice Is Losing Patients

It costs your hospital or practice about 5 times more to obtain a new patient than to keep an existing patient within your database. That’s why patient retention matters–the overall loss of a patient’s lifetime value is not something you want to give up. So if you’re losing patients, you might be…well…losing patience. The good […]

Is Your Embarrassing Physician Website Costing You Money?

Great business minds will remind us that procrastination is a thief. It robs us of time, opportunity, and in some situations, it steals cold, hard cash. “To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing.” ~ Eva Young Simple neglect or forgetfulness can undermine the best intentions and solid returns of a […]

More Tips Doctors Need to Know About Email Marketing

One business tip—something your health care competition may not know—is that email is a highly effective secret weapon for physician marketing. When some reports suggested otherwise, Gigaom Research told us that, among digital marketers, “Email marketing is the digital workhorse, deemed the most effective (relative to other digital tactics) for building awareness, acquisition, retention and […]

Magic Questions: The Path to Case Acceptance and Compliance

There’s a bridge of sorts in nearly every doctor-patient encounter. On one side, the physician’s knowledge, training and experience reveals an answer to the patient’s need. But there are many situations where the patient needs to accept the solution—cross over the bridge—and embrace the recommendations for their care. Patients don’t “buy” treatments, medicine or procedures. The one and […]

Successful Doctor Marketing: Beyond the White Coat

As you might suspect, my work frequently brings me face-to-face with doctors and other healthcare professionals who want to market a medical practice. One thing I’ve observed is that, regardless of gender, successful physicians, surgeons and top-line staff invariably dress for success. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to visit with practitioners in hospitals, group […]

When Doctors Say They Want Marketing (But They Really Don’t)

OK…let’s be frank about this. If they had a magic wand to change their world, perhaps eight out of 10 doctors would rather not be concerned about marketing. Their inner being wants to devote all their professional time and attention to doing what they trained to do… being doctors, practicing medicine, and helping people. But, […]

Doctor-to-Doctor Insight: Saving Souls and the Magic of Sharing Joy

Editor Note: It seems as if physician stress, discouragement and professional burnout are common. For validation, there’s a fresh research paper or national survey is in the news every few months. Many doctors don’t want to be doctors any longer. But far less frequently—if you look carefully—you can find a spirit-lifting story on the positive […]

Getting the Best from Your Healthcare Advertising Agency

These days, marketing performance expectations are sometimes found under the “squeeze every nickel” heading. Maybe giant corporations once had fat and slushy budgets, although we doubt the successful ones used that approach.  Then as now, a common denominator among most medical practices, hospitals and healthcare providers is an ongoing concern for “scarce resources.” Like every […]

The Incredibly Simple Reason Most Patients Don’t Make Referrals (and How to Fix That)

Somewhere in the recesses of their brains there’s a point of professional pride among doctors that tells them: “Being a good physician and providing excellent clinical care will carry the day for success in business.” Caring for the health concerns of people will please and benefit patients. And that satisfaction will bond them to the practice. […]

7 Counterintuitive Tips: Creating Content that Actually Means Something

The overwhelming deluge of information spewing from the Internet—on any and every imaginable topic—implies that “more is better.” For proof, look no further than the most innocuous Google search. Type “doctor” and the world’s biggest search engine coughs up 248-million results in less than half a second. There’s value hidden somewhere in that digital torrent. […]


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