Success Story: Greenville Vein Specialist Marketing Turnaround

By Gil Zeimer, HSS Account Manager/Senior Copywriter Ordinarily, we don’t do much chest thumping, but we can’t help a little “pointing-with-pride” in this success story. Many readers will relate to the familiar back-story, so other medical practices will likely find useful insight and marketing lessons. Our story begins about a year ago… In Greenville, South […]

Little Places Your Healthcare Brand Can Let You Down Big Time

There’s a tendency to oversimplify what we think of as hospital and medical practice branding. Perhaps we think of the carefully crafted logo and tagline as the brand. For others, the physical structure—a commanding facility with amenities emblematic of the brand. Or perhaps “our brand” is the prestige name and reputation of a long-established practice.

Why Your Practice Branding is Off-Center—And What to Do About It

An unintentional byproduct of healthcare reform is the increasing number of physician practices that have the wrong branding message. Or worse, they have no branding at all. Consider this example: Mysteriously, the well-considered branding message and competitive edge of a physician practice was somehow “disconnected.” In our consultations, the doctors and staff believed that the […]

Physician Marketing Lessons from Moneyball

Curiously, there’s a physician marketing idea tucked into the baseball film Moneyball. It’s about dealing with change. Just about everyone in the nation’s healthcare delivery system is struggling—to a greater of lesser degree—with the dynamics of change. Doctors who have been building a private practice for decades, for example, have been challenged with options such as […]

Doctor Marketing: Patients Are Always Judging You

It doesn’t happen as often these days, but from time to time we find ourselves in a discussion with a practitioner who confidently declares that they have no need for “doctor marketing,” much less any need for a health care advertising agency. The back-story in each conversation varies, but we often discover that their mindset […]

Healthcare Branding: That Was Then. This Is Now.

There’s been a dramatic increase in the need for healthcare branding. In fact, we’d have to call it a huge rise in doctor branding, physician branding and hospital branding—all propelled by various factors in the marketplace. Broadly speaking, we’d put the change-agents under the umbrella label of “healthcare reform.” And three of these forces—empowered patients, […]


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