Why Social Spending Sites May Not Be a Bargain for Physician Advertising

Just when you thought (perhaps hoping) the various “daily deal” sites had reached their peak, it turns out they are continuing to grow in popularity with consumers. The trouble is, results for hospital or medical practice advertising can be spotty. Hidden behind the glitz and glamour of worldwide growth, industry observers and studies caution that […]

Break the 21-Minute Patient Wait Barrier to Improve Patient Satisfaction in Doctor Marketing

As medical practice marketing professionals well understand, the measure of patient satisfaction—or the lack of it—sometimes has little or nothing to do with a physician’s medical expertise. For some patients, the length of the “door-to-doctor” waiting time is a primary distinction between satisfaction and marching over to the competition. Individual provider offices—general practitioners and specialists […]

Closing the Action Gap: Physician and Hospital Advertising Needs a Forceful Message

It’s no wonder that many physicians are frustrated with a lack of patient compliance and continued unhealthy lifestyles. Healthcare providers now have to contend with an “action gap,” and we’d like to hear your suggestions. How can healthcare marketing and advertising close the “action gap?” Here’s the problem. There’s another survey out that confirms that […]

Case Study: The “Anti-Sales Philosophy” Doubles Physician Advertising Effectiveness

There’s nothing like a real-life success story to illustrate the bottom-line, dollars-and-cents value of a medical practice marketing principle. In this case, a physician group specialty practice more than doubled its new patient revenue by training the staff to properly answer the phone and book appointments.


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