Retention vs. Acquisition: The Power of Patient Relationships   

Sometimes, the retail world provides a useful Internal Marketing lesson for doctors or medical practices. Consider, for example, the considerable “customer retention” effort that we’ve all seen in magazine subscription marketing. At one time or another, you and I have been the target audience, and we know how it goes. First, an initial subscription to a national magazine is […]

The Incredibly Simple Reason Most Patients Don’t Make Referrals (and How to Fix That)

Somewhere in the recesses of their brains there’s a point of professional pride among doctors that tells them: “Being a good physician and providing excellent clinical care will carry the day for success in business.” Caring for the health concerns of people will please and benefit patients. And that satisfaction will bond them to the practice. […]

How to Shape Successful Relationships and Increase Referrals

The six key elements in an effective CRM program for specialty practices and others. Healthcare is business that’s all about relationships. Every practice or organization appreciates a new patient referral, but specialty practices that depend on referrals don’t leave the process to chance or pure goodwill. The basics of a relationship program guide reps, business […]

Hard-Dollar Reasons Why Physician Marketing Begins with Simply Being Liked

The core concepts of Likeonomics are so essential to successful healthcare branding and marketing that every doctor, dentist, physician, surgeon, provider (and their staff) will find value in this powerful little business book. Healthcare delivery is a highly personal transaction that primarily occurs while a provider and patient are face-to-face. And if this intersection does […]

The Paradox of Disappearing Patients

The surprising reason why patients leave and the impact to your bottom line. Most say nothing at all…they just don’t return. Patient satisfaction is the cornerstone of patient retention. It’s difficult to detect, but It is a perception of indifference that causes most people to quit coming back. And the financial loss to your business […]

How to Get Your Patients to Refer in Droves

Here are two remarkably easy-and highly effective-ways to encourage patients to refer family, friends and colleagues to your practice. The cost is almost nothing, so your Return On Investment (ROI) is through the roof. This is the closest thing you’ll find to guarantee success in internal marketing, and with a little practice and persistence, it’s […]


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