Missed Appointments: Plugging Your Six-Figure Revenue Drain

Editor’s Note: Communications, such as appointment reminders, are often guided by HIPAA privacy rules, organizational policies and other regulations. Ideas presented in our Guest Post may vary in application according to the professional situation and circumstances. More information about Health Information Privacy under HIPAA is available at the US Department of Health & Human Services […]

Engaging Patients Like a Rock Star: Loyalty Lessons from Lady Gaga (of All People)

  There’s something a bit institutional or simply conventional about how healthcare usually connects with patients. Hospitals and providers build many of their marketing and communications efforts around engaging slices of their target audience. While there’s nothing wrong with convention, creative and successful medical marketing lessons can be found in unconventional sources. Objectives include communicating […]

What Do The Lumineers, Our CEO and Social Media Have in Common?

The thing about social media is that its greatest value is in being social. A balanced, “sociable” mix of healthcare marketing posts—via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, G+, LinkedIn, and others—attracts, engages and connects with your audience. It’s the mix (or variety) in social media where you can show your online “personality” and inspire continuing interest and […]

5 Basic Rules of Healthcare Content Marketing

You might have the impression that “content marketing” buzzed its way into popular use a digital minute ago. In the “buzz-vocabulary” of healthcare marketing it’s a timely (but not-so-new) topic. Content marketing is a natural fit for many hospitals and healthcare providers. It’s a means to speak to people and provide them with useful and […]

Paying Patients: Are Rewards Programs Next for Physician Marketing?

From airline frequent flyers to auto parts bonus buys, American consumers are consumed by loyal-customer incentive schemes. Purchases earn points, miles, discounts, and even cash rewards…all to inspire buyers to buy again and buy more. (How many little “advantage” scan cards are in your pocket?) It works in retail. And not surprisingly, this proliferation of […]

Engaging Patients Online: 18 Fundamentals for Medical Marketing

We don’t always agree with Arianna Huffington, but as a digital media observer, publisher and thought leader, she is spot-on in recognizing how online media has changed from mainly “presentational” to truly “conversational.” In her words, “This is the golden age of engagement.” The president and editor in chief of the Huffington Post Media Group described digital […]

The World’s Shortest Marketing Survey: One, Four-Word Question

This is a quick post about a clever little idea. Healthcare marketing professionals can use this powerful four-word question to engage patients and inspire instant, on-the-job comments from the public. Here’s how it works. The four words are: “How am I doing?” Put this question and a brief invitation immediately below your signature block for […]

Nine Free Ways to Quickly Engage Patients and Build Enduring Loyalty

We begin with a true story…with an object lesson for medical practices, healthcare providers and practice administrators about emotionally engaging (and retaining) new patients. Imagine for a moment that you’ve moved to a new neighborhood. You have two neighboring families…one on either side of your new home. It quickly becomes apparent to the new residents […]

Mastering the Art of Healthy Storytelling for Better Physician Marketing

A few words from master storytellers. The payoff is in more engaging medical marketing, better physician-patient communications, patient satisfaction and more effective healthcare delivery. Stories and storytelling are at the heart of medical marketing, doctor advertising, hospital public relations and physician-patient interaction. Stories can be conversation, advertising and online testimonials, persuasive guidance for patients, news […]


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