10 Best Practices to Create a Patient-Centered Hospital Website

A major hallmark of delivering patient-centered care is convenience. Today’s hospital and medical practice patient has become a sophisticated consumer. This is someone ready and willing to select a hospital or provider based on the quality and ease of service that truly puts the patient first. Millennials—the largest of the demographic groups—want and expect health […]

Defining a Buyer Persona for Healthcare Marketing

The marketing and advertising idea defining a “Buyer Persona” is well known in the retail world, but it’s a relatively new—and increasingly important—concept for doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers. The nation’s healthcare delivery system is now consumer-centric and driven by informed and empowered “buyers.” Taking a page from the retail world, the consumer is thoughtfully gathering information […]

Everyone in Healthcare is in Sales and That’s a Good Thing

A little good-natured kidding comes up around the office about how much traveling I do. Of course, that’s only when I’m actually in the office and not on the road visiting clients throughout the nation. (Well…every state except for one.) With the non-stop changes that are happening in healthcare, I love being shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, […]

The Forgotten Step That Makes All the Difference to Patient Experience

There’s one vital step in shaping a positive patient experience that is often forgotten or neglected. In healthcare marketing terms, it’s the one step that can make or break everything else you do to put the patient first and grow your brand and reputation. The nature of healthcare delivery is, more than ever before, focused […]

Placing The Patient At Center Of The Doctor-Patient Relationship

Neil H. Baum, MD Today the patient is far different than the patient of a few decades ago. Patients can find healthcare information just as easily as a physician and many are taking a greater role in their healthcare and want to be involved in the decision making and work with the doctor as a […]


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