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It’s no secret that the Internet has become the new front door for healthcare providers and hospitals. And Google searches are primary pathways for that lead to health-related information, medical practices and professional care. They dictate being lost or found online. Without a strong online presence, providers and practices simply disappear from view. Three-quarters (75 percent) […]

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The profound influence of the Internet in American society is drawing healthcare marketing away from traditional communications channels. Online search and social media are the starting points for most patient health journeys, and they are major influences in the selection of doctors and hospitals. Nobody has proclaimed that “traditional media is dead,” and that’s unlikely […]

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For effective healthcare marketing, it’s not a question of having an Internet presence…just about every doctor, group medical practice, hospital and healthcare organization has at least one website. But visibility for online search doesn’t stop there. Consumers—prospective patients, patients, family members—are actively searching online for health information, doctors and other health professionals. And, standing out […]

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We might be singing to the choir here, but you’ll definitely like the chorus anyway. Most hospitals and physician providers recognize the importance of Internet marketing. (Better than eight out of 10 patients use both online and offline sources for health research before making an appointment.) But what you may not appreciate is that a […]

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Eight out of ten times (probably more), the Internet is where the first encounter between a doctor and a prospective patient occurs. But it doesn’t stop there. Long before an individual selects a healthcare provider, hospital or facility for their medical needs, they often begin their decision journey with online due diligence. And when providers […]

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Editor’s note: This article covers secrets about Search Engine Optimization. It is another in our series about how to get found on the Internet. We have a personal question for you. Have you ever "Googled yourself?" More to the point, when patients from your town search online for the services that you provide, does your […]

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