10 More Compelling Reasons Healthcare Marketing Absolutely Must “Think Mobile”

The Internet assures me that “we look at our smartphones 150 times each day.” It must be true…I saw it on my smartphone. Look it up…I’ll wait. But seriously…three things collided on our healthcare marketing radar recently. Collectively and individually they are sharp reminders that if your plans and strategy are not “thinking mobile,” your […]

A Clear and Sensible Business Case for SEO and Healthcare Marketing Analytics

Sometimes it’s doubly curious to discover valuable medical marketing lessons and useful tools in…well, curious places. For example, one of the most articulate business cases we’ve read recently originated in Vienna, Austria, and it’s not about healthcare. Remarkably, author Dan Taylor offers a business-smart discussion of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the value of analytics—without […]

Four Change Agents That Will Influence Your Future Healthcare Marketing

Here’s a heads-up snapshot of four recent news items. Each of these is likely to be of growing importance on your healthcare, medical or hospital marketing horizon. We’ll be watching and writing more about: Google takes a new swing at Facebook with Google+. This, we predict, will be big…or at least a big battle of […]

The Two Must-Have Website Attributes for Healthcare Marketing

We see a ton of healthcare, medical marketing and hospital websites in our work. We review them, we critique them and we provide advice how to improve them. And sometimes it’s downright frightening what we find. Perhaps the scariest moment is when we discover a provider or healthcare organization that has no website at all. […]

Doctors’ Offices Follow Hospital Examples in Promoting Wait Times

Even in the nicest of “waiting rooms,” who really wants to wait for medical services…or anything else for that matter? And if reducing wait times for medical services is a key to improving patient satisfaction, doctors’ offices can now follow hospitals in communicating wait times to patients. To illustrate, we can all relate to the following […]

Google’s New Search Rules of the Road: An Opportunity for Healthcare Sites to Improve

Try “Googling” search terms for your practice or hospital. Your healthcare site page ranking may have moved (or may move soon). The world’s biggest search engine has changed the secret formula that it uses to index all that is cyber. And different rules are now producing different results.

Why You Need a Branded YouTube Channel and How-To Tips That Attract Viewers

Having a branded YouTube channel is like having a second website specifically to showcase your video content. And once you’ve produced several healthcare marketing videos, creating your own YouTube channel is an inexpensive way to expand online visibility, use your video materials in multiple locations and attract additional online visitors for your medical practice, hospital, […]

Guerilla Tactics to Generate Traffic to Your Practice Web Site

Editor’s Note: This is the third article in our three-part series about how to get your hospital or healthcare practice website found by potential patients. The Internet is a powerful tool for marketing. But simply having a web site does not mean that patients will find you. The first two articles in this series presented the […]

Tech-Savvy Nurses: Emerging Target of Influence for Pharmaceutical Marketing & Advertising

Each week, according to one recent survey, physicians get about 20 visits from pharmaceutical company representatives, but not everyone gets face time with the doc. Compare that with another study that says that nurses are not only “digitally advanced,” but they are likely to recommend online resources to patients. Although physicians are a primary pharmaceutical […]


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