Get Ready, More Patients Than Ever Are Price Shopping for Healthcare

Here’s a news headline that comes as no surprise to marketing savvy healthcare providers: More Americans Are Checking Prices Before Getting Health Care. And, according to a new poll, price is a significant influence for two out of three shoppers. Marketing professionals are acquainted with the pervasive “new normal“—the buyer’s concern about the cost of […]

Physician Marketing Tools Have Changed, But Relationship Building Remains the Goal

by Healthcare Success Co-Founder Lonnie Hirsch Just recently, we happened to spot a thoughtful article about how small business needs to embrace new marketing methods to better cope with the nation’s tough economic climate. It turns out that the article was nearly two years old (an “eon” in marketing time), but small business is still […]

Troubling Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Must Be Motivational Communicators

Tips for provider and staff who talk with reluctant patients scared by economic tough times. Effective physician-patient communication skills are increasingly critical in the clinical setting. Here’s why the “new normal” in healthcare now demands a team approach that applies these basic ingredients. It’s a page from every successful sales executive’s playbook. Some physician stories […]

Re-Thinking Healthcare Advertising Offers

The New Normal for Medical and Hospital Marketing in Tough Economic Times Don’t dismiss offer-driven media options automatically. The nation’s economic headwinds have produced new, value-sensitive consumer buying patterns and an opportunity to re-consider the way things work in society’s “New Normal.” The terms “advertising offer” and “healthcare marketing” sometimes seem like misfits. To many, […]


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