4 Tested Ways to Uncover New Healthcare Business Opportunities

A while ago a doctor came to us with the complaint: “I haven’t been in practice 15 years…I’ve been in practice one year 15 times.” That conversation lead us to help him discover medical practice marketing opportunities that not only enriched his business, they enlivened his professional satisfaction. There’s more to discovering new healthcare marketing […]

Updating your Website for Fun and Profit

Keeping your healthcare website content fresh pays-back in marketing dividends Healthcare marketing websites for organizations and practices of all types need to be maintained with regular changes for maximum effectiveness. It’s a web-savvy rule that applies across the board for hospitals, manufacturers, physicians and surgeons, dentists, pharmaceuticals…virtually everyone. Here are the four main benefits that […]

10 Ways to Attract New Patients from Your Favorite Local Companies

How many of these ideas can you use to win new patients from businesses down the street? A large or dominant employer in your community – or the business across the street – is an excellent target of opportunity for new patients and cases, especially if you’re already serving some of those employees. Here are […]

How to Assure Success When the Phone Rings

It’s frightening. We’ve seen 6-figure marketing programs go down the tube six seconds after the phone rang. In each case, the carefully crafted advertising produced dozens of prospective patient calls to the practice, but none – repeat none – of these callers became patients. Why? Because they never got past the first phone call, much […]


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“Despite practicing in a hyper-competitive market, our new-patient counts are double what they were for the same time period last year. Hiring Healthcare Success was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”

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