Hospital Marketing Lessons: Social Sins of Tweets and Twitter

When we compiled a list of reasons why people won’t “follow” someone on Twitter, we nearly ran out of paper. Twitter is an immensely popular social media, and for many hospital social media efforts, it can be a highly useful tool. Ask your followers about what they like and don’t like and you’re bound to […]

Beware The Common Mistakes Doctors Make When Searching For A Medical Ad Agency

7 Criteria You MUST Consider When Looking For Health Care Marketing Talent (And how to avoid falling victim to “Marketing Malpractice”) Doctors often tell us about their difficulties with finding and evaluating healthcare marketing talent. So we thought we’d give you a “cheat sheet” to help you. Before we do that, however, let’s set the […]

How Is Marketing a Healthcare Practice Different?

In many respects, marketing a healthcare practice is not substantially different from marketing a small business in other industries. Basic business marketing principles that apply in other industries – including market and competitive research, strategic planning, budgeting, positioning, branding, marketing strategies, tactics, media options, public relations opportunities, implementation processes, tracking processes – also apply in […]

How to Navigate the Politics in Healthcare Group Marketing

Your achievement checklist to getting ahead and staying ahead. Successful marketing for large groups or organizations includes navigating and balancing many voices and varied interests. Be aware of the possible problem areas, and have an objective third-party bring the group together for marketing success. There’s nothing simple about marketing—even if you’ve only got yourself to […]


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