Magna Health Systems: Marketing a Center of Excellence

Editor’s Note: Healthcare Success was pleased to contribute to this feature profile of Magna Health Systems for publication in SurgiStrategies magazine. This article provides a close-up look at the marketing activities at one of Chicago’s leading outpatient surgical centers, examining their work with and for surgeons, as well as their weight loss outreach direct to […]

Case History: How One Group Averted Disaster by Fixing Its Phone Inquiry Problems – and How You Can Do the Same

It’s a tragic and extremely costly story – and unfortunately one that we see all the time. Perhaps it has even happened to you. Every day, hospitals and healthcare organizations across the USA invest hard-earned money into marketing, yet see zero new patients from their efforts.

Lessons Learned: The Worst Physician Marketing Debacle Ever

By Stewart Gandolf I recently asked our team to share some of the worst medical marketing mistakes they’ve ever witnessed out “in the field.” As a word of caution, the incident I am about to share is so egregious that my team was divided as to whether we should publish it, or bury it forever. […]

Truth in Numbers: What Your Phone Conversion Rate Means to Gross Margin

We’re going to tell this tale mainly by the numbers. To “numbers people,” figures say it all; an Excel spreadsheet tells a story more excitingly and effusive than any Harry Potter novel. If you are not fascinated by columns, rows and formulas, please stick with us for a minute, then pass this along to your administrator, […]

It’s All “About-dot-Me.” The Benefits of a Free Personal Profile Page for Doctors, Hospitals and Healthcare Marketing Professionals

This is a brief post about a deceptively simple and highly useful idea to help people find you online. Here’s how doctors, hospitals and marketing professionals can quickly create a custom splash page—complete with analytics dashboard—to bolster personal reputation and practice branding, and heighten search engine visibility. The first thing you should know about About.Me […]

Pretty Poison: When Graphics Kill Your Healthcare Marketing Message

Six fatal design flaws that can muzzle your results-and what to do instead. The effectiveness of even good-looking marketing materials can be poisoned by any of these classic design flaws. Here’s how to spot the most common art and visual mistakes in the making and what to do instead. It’s practically impossible to describe excellent […]

16 Reasons: The Short List of Why Healthcare Providers Market

The medical marketing environment is constantly changing but the core reasons are the same for most. Priorities and situations will vary widely as healthcare reform reshapes the competitive environment, but providers—including hospitals, medical groups, and others—market for only a few reasons. Nearly everyone can relate to one or more of this short list. You’d think […]

27 iPad Uses in Medical Marketing, Point of Care and Pharma/Device Sales

Editor’s Note: This is an informal round up of iPad healthcare deployment applications that we’ve seen since the product was introduced less than a year ago. Many of the uses listed can be adapted to various professions, specialties and healthcare delivery situations. Most importantly, please help us expand this list. Comment below or send us […]

7 Resolutions To Get Your Healthcare Business Moving

7 Resolutions To Get Your Healthcare Business Moving Courage is a personal thing…and we salute the doctor who called us last year with his highly personal introspection. Then, as now, it was the season to reflect on the year past, and for individual and professional evaluation. This brief story—and we thank you for permission to […]

“And the Winner Is…” SHSMD Conference Follow-up Is an Imaginative Use of Video in Medical & Hospital Marketing

We liked the clever use of video in a post-SHSMD event follow-up. It’s an idea that can be adapted to many healthcare, hospital and medical marketing and advertising situations. A link to the video follows, but here’s a bit of background for context. The company, eVariant, demonstrated their CRM and marketing analytics product at last […]


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