Is Gamification the Next Big Initiative for Medical Marketing?

If the word “gamification” is new to your medical marketing vocabulary, you might want to take note. Admittedly it’s an invented word, and an umbrella term for many aspects of games and game playing. But many authoritative thought leaders see the use of educational and online games as a significant influence in society that’s fast […]

Your Healthcare Marketing Name: What You Do Beats Who You Are

We don’t want this post to sound like a rant…so we’ll keep our criticism to constructive tips (and only vent a little). It’s about marketing-smart healthcare practice and medical facility names…and by extension, their exterior signage (or lack of it). To be blunt, eight out of 10 times it’s wrong. The root of our two-fold […]

More Tough-Times Healthcare Marketing Secrets

Keeping the roof over your head when it looks like the sky is falling. Healthcare organizations that stick to their marketing plan during a recession maintain and grow while the competition is hiding. And studies show they also enjoy a bigger up-side when the economy improves. We’ve published several articles about healthcare marketing in a […]

Healthcare Robots Sell High-Tech Branding and Benefits

Our recent post titled, Meet Two Virtual Nurses Now Working in Medical Marketing, attracted a lot of reader interest and feedback. These two examples of technology interacting with patients for patient discharge and infection control are also marketing opportunities on at least two fronts.They do an important job at a cost-saving rate, and they spotlight a […]

DOs and DON’Ts of Creating a Marketing-Smart (new) Name

Sooner or later every healthcare provider will need to name, or rename, his or her professional practice. And for most, it will be sooner, given the upheaval in contemporary health delivery systems. Healthcare reform and the tough economic climate have propelled many of these changes, with more to come. Medical practices and solo physician providers […]

Underestimate the Competition: Critical Medical Advertising Mistake #9

Here’s one of several critical medical advertising mistakes that doctors and hospitals make every day. For any number of reasons, they—meaning you—may be blind to the competition. Consider this to be a reality check. Do you see yourself anywhere in the following picture? For one thing, doctors rarely like to think of their professional colleagues […]

5 Must-See Medical Marketing Videos: Ideas to Inspire and Engage

Our readers tell us that they love to look over the shoulder of others. It’s a high priority to get a peek at what colleagues (and competitors) are doing in medical marketing. Today’s “video roundup” is a widely diverse sampling of US and international healthcare marketing messages. Influencing Patient Behavior: Video can be a medium […]

Thought-Provoking Questions for Medical Practice Marketing in Disturbing Economic Times

There’s another timely and thought-provoking post by Stewart over at his blog, Gandolf’s Marketing Magic, titled The First Step To Dealing With Our “New Normal” Is Acceptance. Drawing on several authoritative sources—including candid insight from his personal and business experience—the portrait of the nation’s economic “New Normal” is, at best, troubling. It’s also likely to […]

Healthcare Success Axioms: Useful Wisdom From The Book of Medical Marketing

As we continue to memorialize our collection of medical marketing axioms—for the Big Book of Healthcare Success—we would welcome contributions from you. ax·i·om   noun /axioms, plural 1. A statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true There are thousands of guiding principles that apply to healthcare and hospital marketing, medical […]

Steve Jobs’ Three Lessons for Healthcare Marketing

Less than a month ago the business news of the day was dominated by Steve Jobs’ announcement that he was stepping down as CEO of Apple Inc. A few days later, he was on the cover of Newsweek, headlined: American Genius, Steve Jobs, How He Changed Our World. Both iPhones and iPads are so popular […]


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