9 Worst Medical Marketing and Advertising Mistakes

The secret to “getting it right” in medical marketing and advertising is essentially two-fold. Regardless of size—multi-location health system, hospital, doctor group practice, or individual provider—the challenges involve many, constantly moving business considerations. And in the end, “it ain’t easy” to get it right…and produce measurable marketing results. One side of the coin is the application […]

The Not-A-Marketing Book Every Healthcare Marketer Should Read

Strictly speaking, ePatient 2015 – 15 Surprising Trends Changing Health Care is not a typical how-to marketing book. It is, however, an insightful look at “how health technologies are shaping the future of how consumers, caregivers and others will think about and receive care.” Co-authors Rohit Bhargava and Fard Johnmar clearly intended their new publication […]

Healthcare Marketing Sin One: Confusing Marketing with Advertising

[First in a Series: How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Healthcare Marketing] Deadly Sin # 1: Confusing Marketing with Advertising. From the Healthcare Success Educational library] Marketing a healthcare organization can be challenging—even painful—if you don’t approach it with the right knowledge, tools and guidance. The truth is, there are more than seven […]

Keeping Up with the Jones Generation: Medical Marketing Demographic Sweet Spot

  [Series Installment] Our recent post in this series declared the “Gen-Y” population group to be the “biggest ever” slice of the population. It turns out that “biggest” depends on who’s doing the slicing. Take a look at the Jones crowd. Medical marketing professionals need to keep up with the Jones Generation cohort, a “sweet […]

Would Warren Buffet Admire Your Moat?

Personally, I’d jump at the opportunity to learn about business at the right hand of Bill Gates, Chairman and co-founder of Microsoft. That would be an insightful brain-picking session. It would be on par with talking about business with Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffet. But can you imagine a meeting between two of […]

Make Sure Your Marketing People Are Keeping Up…or Accept Falling Behind

We’ve noticed that the most successful doctors and executives that we work with are constantly hungry for new information. By any of various names, continuing education is part of their personal fabric, something to be exercised daily, if not hourly. But what providers and administrators do for themselves, they sometimes overlook providing the value of […]

Healthcare Radio Rules: Low Rates Open the Door to a Highly-Effective Medical Marketing Tool

A baker’s dozen of helpful tips in evaluating and using healthcare radio advertising Radio is a powerful media option for healthcare marketing. With rates negotiable to “half-off” or better, radio is worth a close look, even if you’ve avoided radio advertising in the past as too sophisticated or expensive for your hospital, organization or private […]

Remember AIDA? Engaging Your Medical Marketing Audience Simplified

Maybe you first met AIDA in a creative writing class. And that could have been long before there was an Internet, Internet marketing, social media…or the constant challenge to engage your audience. Digital media is contemporary, but customer (patient) engagement is a marketing fundamental that’s been around for years. So, although AIDA is decades old, […]

Why You Need a Consolidated CONTACT Page

It’s amazingly easy to overlook the usefulness and convenience of a single-source and up-to-date CONTACT page. No doubt you have a “contact” page on your website, but putting it all together as a page or post on your blog also does double-duty. First, it lets the world know who you are, where you are, and—conveniently—it […]


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