Why Healthcare Should Care about OTT Advertising

Connected TV, also called over-the-top media streaming, describes a new frontier for ad targeting and marketing campaigns. These terms are relatively new for businesses of all sizes, and healthcare organizations in particular have been slow to act on its opportunities. That’s why it’s a better time than ever for healthcare marketers to consider OTT marketing […]

Case Study: The Richly-Rewarding Impact of Television in Your Media Mix

Editor Note: Veteran media supervisor Charlie DeNatale provides this case study about the dramatic role that television advertising has in an effective media plan. We’ve masked the client information, but for hospital and other healthcare advertisers this study illustrates the return from a balanced media mix of television with search and Pay-per-Click advertising.   I’m […]

7 Media Buying Myths: Reducing Financial Risk in Healthcare Advertising

The single most financially dangerous line item in a healthcare marketing plan is usually labeled Media Planning and Buying. An otherwise sound medical advertising plan can become a major waste of resources. When hospitals or doctors who own a practice fail to understand how media buying works, they either spend more money than they need […]

Demystifying Television Advertising: It May be Within Your Reach After All

How to know if TV fits your local Healthcare Marketing Plan We’re glad you’re reading this article. TV is often easily dismissed as being either too expensive or too difficult as a media option for doctors. We’ll be the first to tell you that television advertising is not right for everyone. Is it complex? Yes. […]

How to Find Bargain Healthcare Advertising Rates

You may be able to fund your marketing plan without spending another dime, simply by slashing waste. Your healthcare marketing budget goes further with advertising media that’s hungry for your business. Medical advertising dollars can produce better results if you know where to find the media bargains and how to negotiate in an extraordinary buyer’s […]

The Right Media Buying Service Stretches Your Marketing Budget by up to 50 Percent

There’s no extra cost to have professionals handle your media placement work. As your external advertising budget grows, eventually you’ll want—make that, need—professional help in setting and managing the entire media placement and buying process. Let’s say your your healthcare organization has an advertising plan that covers several broadcast media, with scheduled flights starting and […]


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