7 Traits of a Highly Successful Physician Liaison. This is What it Takes.

by Lori Waltz The role of a Physician Liaison has emerged as a vital marketing position for many specialty practices. Although providers and practice decision-makers understand the concept and value of working with a representative, they don’t always know which skill sets are most important to success when hiring. I work with clients throughout the […]

Chicken-or-Egg Challenge: Who Chooses the Hospital, Patient or Physician?

More than a few times recently we’ve heard the comment: “Patients choose doctors, not hospitals.” We wonder if you agree…or not. Evaluate a random selection of hospital advertising from around the nation and a casual observer might wonder if facilities are promoting quality care or creature comforts. Is this a fine hospital or a five-star […]

Healthcare Marketing in Transition: The Increasing Value of Physician Liaisons

A significant sign of the turbulent changes in healthcare delivery systems—and medical marketing—is the fact that 30,000 drug and medical device representatives were laid off in the last 5 years. But as startling (and devastating) as that is for individuals on the pharma side, the same systemic storm has delivered something of a silver lining. […]

Compelling Clinical Cases Boost Reputation and Professional Referrals in Medical Practice Marketing

Here’s a real-world marketing case study about…using clinical case studies. Cindy Gall sends us this medical practice marketing success story about how the Central Texas Spine Institute (Austin) is effectively using physician-to-physician clinical case examples. Cindy writes, “I attended a Healthcare Success seminar in September of 2010. Lonnie Hirsch recommended using case studies as a […]

Are Physician Liaison Programs a No-Win, Zero-Sum Marketing Game?

We’d like to hear from our readers about a quote from a USA Today story. (We suspect that more than a few people will have a reply…perhaps a passionate reply.) The subject matter is physician liaison work and the context is primarily about hospital-physician relations. More broadly however, the subject is physician referral marketing in […]

When Doctors Slam the Door on Pharmaceutical Marketing Reps, Where Does That Leave the Patient?

The job of a pharmaceutical company field rep is tough. In our experience, it’s always been hard work, but lately pharma marketing—the up-close-and-personal kind—is getting tougher. (It’s always been a challenge to see a busy doctor during office hours.) What’s worse, now there are news media reports about doctors who refuse to see any pharmaceutical […]

Old Media Telephone is First on New Media List for Marketing to Physicians

Marketing to physicians is always a communications challenge. There are gatekeepers, drawbridges, barriers and the never-ending constraints of a busy physician’s packed schedule. Everyone wants a slice of time for physician relations, medical device sales, hospital marketing and PR, and pharmaceutical detailing, to name just a few. There’s no magic answer. But a recent survey […]

5 Best Practice Concepts to Improve Marketing to Physicians

(This material is adapted from an article that we authored for Becker’s Hospital Review, a bimonthly publication providing business and legal news and analysis for hospitals and health systems. Becker’s Hospital Review reaches more than 15,000 people, primarily acute care hospital CEOs and CFOs. The marketing concepts discussed in this article apply to many professional, medical and […]


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