3 Ways to Simplify Your Healthcare Social Media Strategy

Social media has certainly created a buzz among business owners in the last decade, and healthcare practitioners are no exception. However, factors such as how many likes or follows you get on your Facebook page do not necessarily translate into direct revenue or new patients. Employees can waste a lot of time focusing their attention […]

Here’s Why Your Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

Sometimes, a marketing campaign doesn’t work out. It happens, and it stinks. But just because one marketing effort doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean marketing doesn’t work in healthcare. When you begin trying new marketing campaigns, you might be dismayed to find the results aren’t quite what you hoped for or expected. However, that doesn’t mean […]

How Proper Planning Can Crush the Competition

Successful practices and businesses are built from great service, good leadership and rock-solid strategies. A good marketing plan is important so you know whom to target.   But before you get to the planning stage, you need to determine what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. You may already have a strategy […]

Goals, Strategies and Tactics: Drawing the Roadmap for Success

How to organize the tasks and responsibilities that will get you where you want to go. A marketing or business goal is not clearly defined without establishing what’s needed to achieve it. Organizing the broad concepts and specific action steps that support the goal are the fundamental tools necessary to success in healthcare marketing. Here’s […]

Time to Seriously Rethink Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy?

There were two red-flag stories in the news last week. Neither item is a surprise, but they signal disturbing trends for healthcare marketing thought leaders. The headlines say:  1 in 5 Older Americans Cutting Back on Health Care to Save Money – Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI)  Spending growth on physician services sinks to record low – […]

Recognizing a Bad Strategy: Lessons in Leadership for Healthcare Marketing Strategists

Don’t you just love it when a good plan comes together? As we speak with the principals and executives of hospitals, professional societies, medical groups and other healthcare organizations, a regular challenge is to help shape and execute an effective business and marketing strategy. And it’s gratifying when a good strategy wins the day. Goals […]

How To Use Marketing To Win Patients Despite Our Current Economic Crisis

17 Things Savvy Healthcare Providers Can Do To Keep Their Organizations Healthy Despite A Very Sick Economy There’s no doubt that the nation’s economic news is serious and troubling. Your own experience tells you that people—pretty much all of us—are justifiably concerned, from Wall Street to Main Street. While everyone’s situation is different, you’ve likely […]


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