Rethinking Healthcare Marketing: What Would You Do If You Could Not Fail?

[The second of two articles. Our previous post identified The 4 Biggest Reasons to Rethink Everything About Healthcare Marketing.] “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”  In just 13 words, motivational speaker, pastor and author Robert Schuller presents a clean-slate approach to goals, priorities and actions.

Are You Kidding Department: Can’t Do Marketing Until the Website is Done?

Instead of pulling out our hair, we thought it would be more productive and helpful to write about the important lesson in leadership and healthcare marketing hidden in our recent flash of frustration. Our story begins with an innocent but revealing comment… Working with professional practices around the country, time and again we’re told: “Oh, […]

2013: Competition and Other Key Challenges in Healthcare Marketing

About a month from today everyone will be hanging a fresh calendar on the wall for 2013. And even from this relatively close perspective, the issues and challenges of what’s ahead for hospitals, physicians and healthcare providers are beginning to focus. As we see things, one dynamic in the New Year will be that change […]

Unforgiving Healthcare Trends That Can Blow Your Marketing Plan Off Course

Each year about this time, many healthcare providers are thinking about their marketing plan. Only a few pages remain on the calendar, and some planners are close to the finish line, while others realize they need to begin. Still others have a “rolling” marketing plan that is reviewed and adjusted monthly on near-term items, and […]

Healthcare Marketing Mistake #12: Using the Wrong Advertising Channels

[Another in our series.] More than at any time in our history, healthcare marketing and advertising planners have a ton of media choices available. There’s the familiar “tradition” media basket that includes newspapers, direct mail, radio, television, billboards, Yellow Pages, postcards, and others. Plus there’s the ever-expanding batch of digital channels—including email, the Internet, smart […]

Patient Experience: The Forgotten “P” in Your Medical Marketing Plan

Healthcare marketing is having a milestone moment. Because the nation’s healthcare delivery system has experienced sweeping changes in the past few years, the textbook list of medical marketing fundamentals needs a significant adjustment. Henceforth, PATIENT EXPERIENCE joins the classic “Seven Ps” of a marketing mix—PEOPLE, PRODUCT, PRICE, PROMOTION, PLACE, PACKAGING, and POSITIONING—for a new total […]

Lewis Carroll, Yogi Berra and the “Any Road” Healthcare Marketing Fantasy

In our marketing consultations with doctors and hospitals throughout the nation, there’s usually a moment when we talk about the need to work from a marketing plan. While this seems like a fundamental concept to many, it’s surprisingly common for some people to ask us: “Do I really need a plan? Can’t I just market?” […]

Consumer Intelligence: Hard Questions for Concierge Practice Marketing

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) put forward the challenge questions for consumers, “Is Paying for ‘Concierge’ Health Care Worth It? What to Ask Before Signing Up for a High-End Plan.” With the nation’s healthcare delivery system changing, the thoughtful article [here] was intended to inform prospective patients about the growing number […]

Success Story: Orthopedic Center of Illinois’ Unified Marketing Message

Generally, we’re a bit modest about the work we do as a healthcare advertising agency, but once in a while we like to tell a good success story. And this tale is worth retelling for several reasons. First, it was a complex marketing issue…and we like that kind of challenge. Second, the client is pleased […]


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