Healthcare Advertising People Sometimes Say the Silliest Things

Every industry has its share of truly moronic comments, witless ideas and brainless advice. And healthcare advertising is certainly no exception. Over time, it becomes a bit easier to identify silly comments for what they are. Providers have an excuse, after all healthcare marketing isn’t their profession. However, healthcare advertising agency people should know better. Extremely […]

9 Worst Medical Marketing and Advertising Mistakes

The secret to “getting it right” in medical marketing and advertising is essentially two-fold. Regardless of size—multi-location health system, hospital, doctor group practice, or individual provider—the challenges involve many, constantly moving business considerations. And in the end, “it ain’t easy” to get it right…and produce measurable marketing results. One side of the coin is the application […]

Physician Marketing Battles You’ll Never Win (and What to Do Instead)

Many doctors and medical practice executives have their marketing brains on overdrive. They’re looking for new, better, improved and/or more efficient ways to attract new patients and cases. The marketing and advertising plan (a left-over from last year) isn’t delivering results. The entire competitive landscape has changed, and not for the better. New patients seem […]

Four Money-Wasting Marketing Mistakes Doctors Make

Has there been a dramatic up-tick in the number of marketing mistakes lately? Perhaps there’s some sort of business-blooper epidemic; a bug of sorts, making the rounds. I raise this mostly rhetorical question because there seems to be a bumper crop of published articles that offer much the same advice. Roughly translated they admonish readers: […]

7 Healthcare Marketing Stumbles and Blunders

Physicians, as a rule, tend to be risk adverse. The science base of healthcare, combined with training, continuing education, and experience in practice, can make medical risk manageable. Doctors—who are also owners, entrepreneurs, and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)—tend to be especially risk adverse on the business side of healthcare. Success in marketing and advertising, […]

9 Ways to Kill Your Physician Liaison Program Before It Begins

The historic picture is nothing like today. For decades, competition within the nation’s healthcare delivery system was low-key, even passive. And the vital professional referral stream that traditionally brought new patients to hospitals and specialty practices required little marketing attention…if anyone thought much about it at all. But the dynamics of healthcare reform and other forces […]

A Civilized Year-end Rant: Marketing Blunders That Makes Us Pull Our Hair Out

No, I’m not bald. Not yet. But there are moments throughout the year when I’m ready to grab a handful of those threadlike strands and yank with gusto. Instead, please allow me this brief and civilized rant…a year-end vent for the little frustrations that I encounter in healthcare marketing and advertising. In fact, let’s consider […]

All Your Eggs in a Singular Conveyance is Risky. Especially with Just One Egg.

Lessons Learned: Falling into marketing is fine-just don’t fall off a one-trick pony. Sometimes clients seem to back into marketing, nearly by accident or perhaps good fortune. And that’s OK… we don’t care how you get there…just get there. To see what we mean, here are a couple snapshot case histories about professional practitioners who […]

Barbers of Civility: An Unkind Hospital Public Relations Problem That Affects Everything

This headline really grabbed us: Rude Surgeons Hurt Patients, Increase Costs. It’s about a study with internal hospital and medical practice PR implications that can’t be good. (Let’s hope this doesn’t sound familiar to you. “Those [surgeons] who berate their staffs are practicing ‘bad medicine,’ experts say,” according to the item in this month’s issue of […]

Recognizing a Bad Strategy: Lessons in Leadership for Healthcare Marketing Strategists

Don’t you just love it when a good plan comes together? As we speak with the principals and executives of hospitals, professional societies, medical groups and other healthcare organizations, a regular challenge is to help shape and execute an effective business and marketing strategy. And it’s gratifying when a good strategy wins the day. Goals […]


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