LinkedIn: The Business-Serious Social Media for Physicians and Hospital Execs

Facebook is mainly friends, family and fun. Twitter is playful, fast and furious. They have their role in healthcare social media, but among the many social platforms, LinkedIn is the big guy wearing a Brooks Brothers suit and a power tie. Although anyone can use it, LinkedIn is—more than ever—a relevant social networking tool for […]

LinkedIn: The Social Media Town Car of Physician Marketing

The many and various social media platforms seem to have their own “personality” of sorts. One might imagine Twitter as a Corvette…a fast little sports car. It’s nice to look at, but it’s quick to disappear down the road. That would make Facebook something like the family station wagon. A casual and universal transport for […]

10 Easy-to-Do Tips to Getting More Value from LinkedIn

Editor’s Note: Here’s another installment in our continuing series of articles about social media and healthcare marketing. The professional networking site, LinkedIn, is coming of age with over 100 million users. Here are ways to get the most benefit from your LinkedIn pages. It’s a low cost, high visibility platform to showcase the personal brand […]


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