Will Your Budget or Stock Photos Fuel a Marketing Scandal?

People don’t associate the All-American image of Columbus, Ohio, with marketing controversy. It’s just too wholesome for that sort of thing. Right? Having completed my undergraduate studies at Ohio State University, I’m practically a native. The public impression of this heartland state capital includes visions of fresh corn-on-the-cob at the Ohio State Fair, or live […]

What Happens When Doctors Sue Unhappy Patients? (It’s Not Pretty)

Experienced doctors tell us that, sooner or later in their career, every physician will face the prospect of legal action. Between 75 and 99 percent of practicing doctors, depending on their specialty, will be threatened by a lawsuit according to a NEJM study. Although “patient-sues-doctor” rarely makes the news, the reverse situation—doctor-sues-patient—seems to make the headlines […]

7 Dangerous Legal Issues to Avoid in Doctor Advertising

Fundamentals That Keep Your Medical Provider Marketing in the Safe Zone First in a Series: Ethical and professional advertising messages steer physician and healthcare provider advertising away from legal problems. We talk with a healthcare attorney about the proper handling of basic legal problem areas. A legal mistake in healthcare advertising can ruin your life.

Legally Dumb: Should a Doctor or Dentist Sue a Patient for Bad-Mouth Comments?

If a professional reputation is to be protected at all costs, should a healthcare provider file a lawsuit against a patient for a negative online review? From time to time we see news items about doctors or dentists who threaten legal action against patients. But suing a patient for a negative comment (or comments) is […]

As Medical Specialists Race into Consumer-Direct Marketing, Watch for Legal Tripwires

Many of the “old rules” are up in the air. It seems like nearly every aspect of our nation’s healthcare delivery system is in flux. An example of this—one that we see daily—is the turbulent competition among and between providers. It’s skyrocketing. But please proceed with caution; there are legal issues to consider for your […]


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