Bravely Embracing Healthcare’s New Transparency Frontier

[Part of a continuing series.] There’s a long-standing attitude throughout much of the corporate world that avoids “transparency.” In the face of fierce competition and market rivalry, public- and privately-held businesses are understandably guarded about trade secrets, strategy information and business plans. It was a cultural attitude that, for many years, dominated the public relations […]

Why Organizational Leadership is Plural, Not Singular

Roughly 100 percent of all physician offices are busy places. But you only have to look at the monthly statement to know that activity isn’t the same as productivity…or profitability. Regardless of the size or type of the healthcare entity—from practitioner to medical group—a revealing characteristic of success is a reflection of leadership in the […]

A Hospital Priority Without a Mandate Is Wishful Thinking

If you ask a thousand US hospitals about their top priorities, nearly everyone would Patient Experience/Satisfaction at the head of the list. But surprisingly, upwards of half of those organizations do not have a formal mandate or mission to achieve that objective. Those two data points come from a recently released and insightful survey by […]

Coping with Change: Squaring Away Your Physician Marketing and Personal Goals

In a quiet, reflective and personal moment—something doctors rarely seem to find—it can appear that everything about healthcare is changing. Maybe “total turmoil” would be the view of many professionals. The feeling of not having a solid footing is unsettling. Much of the provider world is shifting from private practice to hospital employment. Expenses are […]

Recognizing a Bad Strategy: Lessons in Leadership for Healthcare Marketing Strategists

Don’t you just love it when a good plan comes together? As we speak with the principals and executives of hospitals, professional societies, medical groups and other healthcare organizations, a regular challenge is to help shape and execute an effective business and marketing strategy. And it’s gratifying when a good strategy wins the day. Goals […]


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