Our Last “iPad-and-Hospital-Marketing” Article Ever (Maybe)

It’s been all of a couple months since we previously wrote about the many Ways iPads Are Changing Hospital Marketing and PR. Apple doesn’t send us their official sales numbers, but reliable estimates have it that millions of iPad 2 tablets have been shipped during these last 90 days. As we write this, by calendar year end, […]

Will EHR Adoption Help or Hurt Patient Experience? A Physician Practice Marketing Challenge for Tablet Computers.

It’s a little frightening that in physician practice marketing we often discover more examples of “poor” patient experience than “good” ones. In fairness, the good stuff rarely gets the spotlight that it deserves, and the negative examples are often magnified. The doctor-patient relationship is often strained, and positive, personal relationships—among patient, provider and staff—is often […]

12 Ways iPads Are Changing Hospital Marketing and PR

At its unveiling in April 2010, Apple predicted that the use of the iPad by medical professionals would change the face of healthcare, ultimately providing multiple ways to promote hospital marketing and public relations. The latest count by Apple shows over 25 million tablets have been sold (first 14 months); more than 15 million iPad 2’s […]

27 iPad Uses in Medical Marketing, Point of Care and Pharma/Device Sales

Editor’s Note: This is an informal round up of iPad healthcare deployment applications that we’ve seen since the product was introduced less than a year ago. Many of the uses listed can be adapted to various professions, specialties and healthcare delivery situations. Most importantly, please help us expand this list. Comment below or send us […]

How Are You Using the iPad in Healthcare, Hospital or Pharmaceutical Marketing? Game-Changer or Curious Gadget?

Healthcare seems to be one of the early early-adopter industries for Apple’s popular tablet, trailing the financial services and technology sectors of business. The iPad is still less than a year old and there is no doubt that it’s been a hit in the marketplace. Apple-watchers predict the company will ship 7 to 10 million […]


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