Email: A Stand-out Marketing Opportunity

Healthcare practices and hospitals have been slow to adopt email as a standard communications tool with patients-most of whom would welcome the connectivity. Bringing email into the mainstream of your office, even for non-clinical matters, is a powerful way to differentiate your business from the competition, increase satisfaction and patient retention…and boost office efficiency. Recently, […]

How to Drive New Patients to Your Practice Website Tomorrow [Part Two]

Should there be any question about the importance (and the immediacy) of the internet as a dental marketing tool, just ponder the sheer number of online searches: about eight billion — yes, with a b — searches per month. So the real question is: How can my local dental practice Web site capture well-qualified prospective […]

How To Start Getting Patients From Your Healthcare Website TOMORROW

Advertise your website on Google, Yahoo and other platforms to target local patients looking for your services. Editor’s note: This article is the first of a series about how to drive traffic to your healthcare practice website. U.S. Internet users conduct 5 billion searches every month directly on major search sites. Furthermore, a recent Harris […]


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