This Ain’t No Country Tune: Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

The second in a two-part series about intelligent individuals that allow their personality or attitudes to block their potential for success. Read part one: Staff Secretly Takes Assertiveness Training. We continue with the second of our true tales from the field about doctors who step on their own marketing toes.

23: Number of Useful Internet Marketing Stats in This Healthcare Post

On any given day—everyday, actually—you and I and everyone in the country are the primary landing zone for over 5,000 advertising and marketing messages. (There are many days when it seems like the number should be much higher.) But that’s the average—so says the Content Marketing Institute—and in our estimation, the online, social media and […]

The What, Why and How of Healthcare Landing Pages that Actually Work

In an informal survey of healthcare and hospital Internet advertising recently, we were alarmed by what we DIDN’T find. A surprising percentage of online ads and search topics that caught our attention didn’t connect us to a subject-specific “landing page.” The result: reader interest is lost and with it, new business opportunity is down the […]

Will Twitter VINE Engage or Enrage Patients…in Six Seconds or Less?

Take a few seconds (actually, six seconds or less) to get acquainted with Twitter’s new video sharing app, VINE. This latest-and-greatest social media (SM) phenom is catching on among Twitter-ites. Vine–along with a new wave of image sharing apps–is new, but it may or may not belong in your healthcare social media toolbox. Clever new […]

Physician Ratings & Reviews: Doctors Distrust Them and Patients Ignore Them

The many and various “doctor review” sites seem to be as popular as the flu bug floating around the office. Doctors don’t like them and patients don’t use them, according to two recent surveys. Related: 9 Essential Steps to Improve Doctor Ratings Online But here’s why healthcare marketing professionals and medical providers shouldn’t dismiss consumer […]

The Power of Internal Marketing in Healthcare (and 10 Ways to Use)

A curious thing about Internal Marketing is that healthcare—be it a hospital or a medical practice—understands the term by a slightly different definition. Many textbooks apply “internal marketing” to leadership and organizational approaches targeting employees and departments. Although everyone in a medical provider practice plays a role in the service product delivery, Internal Marketing is […]

How Digital Signage Systems Improve Health Services

Three reasons why digital signage should be part of your healthcare marketing and PR planning Printed posters and static signs have evolved to a digital format that’s attention getting and versatile. And digital signage is an affordable and cost effective marketing tool that should not be overlooked. It’s a significant lost opportunity for many medical […]

Pay-Per-Click and Other Online Healthcare Advertising Terms You Need to Know

Internet advertising terms can be a bewildering forest of initials, tech-talk and shorthand. For some healthcare providers it’s a strange vocabulary that’s essential to successful online advertising that brings new patients to your doorstep. Fortunately, it’s easy to master. Why Internet advertising? Patients and prospective patients—the target audience—are online. The search for health and healthcare […]

Medical Marketing Email: Eight Essentials for Greater Success

On the surface, a medical marketing email campaign is appealing, in part, because it is immediate and low cost. The proliferation of high-speed Internet connections, computers, laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices rapidly connect healthcare providers and hospitals with constituent audiences. Although a single email is fairly simple, creating a successful email marketing effort with […]


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