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The ideal practice enjoys a steady flow of new patients. It’s a vital step in achieving steady practice growth. But, unfortunately, that’s where we often find a painful gap in the practice or hospital marketing plan. The time, effort and external budget—the source of new business and new patients—somehow disconnects from the internal marketing effort. […]

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These are the seven fundamental healthcare marketing strategies that you should already be doing to ensure marketing success for your healthcare practice or business. Let’s face it, if you’re not already experiencing success with your healthcare business’ or practice’s marketing efforts — and especially if you’re not yet marketing at all — there are many […]

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The widely popular website—AKA the Urban Legends Reference Pages—has a problem with a famous quote by prolific American bank robber Willie Sutton. Supposedly, his reason for robbing banks is: “That’s where the money is.” It turns out that even Sutton denied having said it, but nevertheless, the logic is sound. The best fishing is […]

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chef smiling

Just up the street there’s a popular restaurant that greets customers as they’re arriving. Often a staff person will open the door, and, with a bright smile, offer a warm greeting of “Welcome Back!” The thing is, EVERYONE gets the “welcome back” greeting, even first-time guests, and even if the greeter and guest have never […]

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woman giving welcome

In healthcare, successful “patient reactivation” cannot be a “dialing-for-dollars” quest for additional business from previous patients. As the following (true) story illustrates, expressing a genuine, person-to-person connection is an essential ingredient for success. Our Digital Advertising Director, Raheim Bundle, shared his experience with a local, family-oriented sports club where he has been a dues-paying member. […]

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Sometimes, the retail world provides a useful Internal Marketing lesson for doctors or medical practices. Consider, for example, the considerable “customer retention” effort that we’ve all seen in magazine subscription marketing. At one time or another, you and I have been the target audience, and we know how it goes. First, an initial subscription to a national magazine is […]

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"waiting is good" sign

Is your marketing message always clear or just confused? Happy baby pictures are a staple in hospital public relations. Virtually everyone gets the warm Happy Holidays message of images of newborns tucked snuggly into red and white “stockings” at MemorialCare’s Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital, Long Beach, CA. The images are season-appropriate and attention-getting PR […]

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Some fundamental business ideas deserve repeating: Successful marketing—and practice growth—begins with taking care of existing customers/patients first. Growth-minded healthcare organizations often assume that business development is exclusively a matter of bringing new people through the door. Previous or existing patients—customers who have already crossed your threshold—are taken for granted, mentally considered “a done deal,” or […]

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Somewhere in the recesses of their brains there’s a point of professional pride among doctors that tells them: “Being a good physician and providing excellent clinical care will carry the day for success in business.” Caring for the health concerns of people will please and benefit patients. And that satisfaction will bond them to the practice. […]

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We’ve been working on redesigning and refreshing our marketing information newsletter. And since the subject of newsletter content and construction was top of mind for us, we wanted to share a few how-to tips about the process. Not long ago we conducted a Reader Survey that was open to our 15,000+ subscribers. The responses helped […]

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"panic" and "calm" sign

The second in a two-part series about intelligent individuals that allow their personality or attitudes to block their potential for success. Read part one: Staff Secretly Takes Assertiveness Training. We continue with the second of our true tales from the field about doctors who step on their own marketing toes.

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woman holding hands to face

We’re not going to mention any names, but you’ll probably recognize the personality types. And please excuse our candor…consider it constructive criticism.

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