Friday Video: It’s Not WHAT You Do. People Buy WHY You Do It.

We’ve long been a fan of the “Ideas Worth Spreading” TED series. And our Friday Video today is a simple but powerful inspirational presentation by author Simon Sinek. His START WITH WHY concepts—about innovation, leadership and success—are immediately useful for healthcare providers and organizations. Why you do what you do is the vital (and often […]

Healthcare Innovation: How The Big Guys Make Big Ideas Happen (and Why)

There aren’t many healthcare providers who are unaffected or unaware of challenges all around them. The parade includes reform requirements, the “soft economy” with rising costs and shrinking margins, shifting medical marketing goals and demographics…and the overarching stretch of resources to maintain and improve quality of patient care. “Innovation is the ability to see change […]

Futurist Marketing: 5 Incredible Advances in Healthcare

Consider this a brief continuing education exercise. Take a three-minute break from your work today and step into the not-too-distant future. Healthcare and medical marketing professionals…ask yourself, “How would I devise a marketing plan for any of theses five innovations in health?” You may not have heard about these ideas, but The New York Times […]


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