Medical Marketing: Are You Setting Sail to Fail in the Sea of Competition?

Not so long ago, it was rare—extremely rare, in fact—to find a full-time marketing person working for a medical practice. The same was also true for many hospitals. At best, medical marketing was a part-time proposition. But the tide has changed. It began as a trickle and has turned into a tidal wave. Today, having […]

Underestimate the Competition: Critical Medical Advertising Mistake #9

Here’s one of several critical medical advertising mistakes that doctors and hospitals make every day. For any number of reasons, they—meaning you—may be blind to the competition. Consider this to be a reality check. Do you see yourself anywhere in the following picture? For one thing, doctors rarely like to think of their professional colleagues […]

The Purple Cows and White Coats of Medical Practice Advertising

The medical marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. Although some physician, surgeon and provider markets will differ somewhat, we find this to be true across the board. One key difference would be how sharply the competitive forces in hospital marketing and medical practice advertising have shifted and intensified. More than ever before, […]

Attention Family Practice Doctors: Your Competition is on Aisle Three.

Walgreens, the nation’s largest drugstore chain, is turning-up the heat in family practice marketing. It’s been ages since the corner “drug store” confined it’s offering to only pharmaceuticals. But about 350 Walgreens locations are now part of the changing competitive healthcare landscape and likely to be an increasingly important factor to consider in FP, GP, […]

The Marketing Year Has Already Begun. Do You Know Where Your Plan Is Today?

How to protect your turf and keep from losing ground to the competition. We’ll get right to the point.. If you’re not geared up with a new or refreshed marketing plan in the starting blocks NOW for the first week in January, you’ve just given your competition a giant head start. And that’s a fast-blast […]


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