Hospital Advertising: Obscenely Effective Video Boosts Organ Donors

This is not your typical video role model. You may not like it at all. But hospital advertising can steal strategy and creative ideas from this unorthodox (and somewhat rude) marketing gem. This little film blasts through clutter and makes an overly-familiar message standout in an entirely new way.   The visual story of Coleman […]

Finding the Video Sweet Spots that Engage Healthcare Viewers

Incorporating some sort of video content in your mix of healthcare marketing material seems like a no-brainer for doctors and hospitals. Producing and posting online video is relatively inexpensive and potentially highly effective—if it’s done properly. The enormous audience and the compelling impact of video storytelling is a powerful one-two punch for marketing planners. Recognizing […]

Creating Heartfelt, and Fun, Hospital Videos

Keeping up with what’s-new-and-creative among thousands of hospital and healthcare videos is daunting. YouTube alone has about a billion (with a B) active users each month. And every marketing-smart hospital in the US has embraced the engaging, educational and entertaining power of online video. The relatively low cost of video production, and the high user […]

Tell the Boss It’s Research: Watch these Healthcare Marketing Videos

If one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, this video-based article offers up some useful ideas (and a little inspiration) in a bit more than 13 million word-equivalents. It’s also a legitimate business excuse to put your other work aside—call it healthcare marketing research—and become one of the 100 million Internet users who […]

Why Videos Are Hospital Marketing’s Secret Weapon

To be fair about it, the general use of videos and visual content isn’t the secret part of this story. The big brands and the not-so-biggies are all using some form of video content to tell their story. At least one assessment reports that video is, by far, the most popular and effective content marketing […]

3 Hospital Videos: One Will Really Touch Your Heart

“Stealing from one is plagiarism,” according to American playwright Wilson Mizner, but “stealing from many is research.” That said—and apropos of nothing at all—here’s a quick “research” roundup of fresh ideas and examples of how hospitals are continuing to leverage the power of video in marketing. Seriously, savvy marketing and communications executives are always learning…and […]

3 Video Concepts: Creative, Low Cost, Compelling Hospital Marketing

Some 89 million people in the US are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today. (Yes, just today.) Healthcare marketing professionals understand the popularity and importance of online video content. The first challenge is to create interesting and engaging video material that conveys a message, inspires action and is truly share-worthy. The further challenge […]

Healthcare PR: Making the Best of (Emergency) Point-and-Shoot Video

The recent “superstorm” that hit the East Coast reminded us that seasoned healthcare and hospital public relations professionals are a bit like professional journalists. With little or no warning, they may need to document unannounced or spontaneous events including capturing on-the-spot photos or videos. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen often, (or as serious as a […]

Awesome Video: St. Jude Hospital (and Friends) Are Unforgettable

Our (occasional) Friday Video post today is truly awesome. And it’s clearly our new favorite in the hospital/healthcare category from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. If you haven’t seen the Hey, Jude! Make it Better online campaign, take three minutes to watch patients, staff, researchers and a string of celebrities present an unforgettable […]

YouTube Overview: 12 Helpful Tips About Using Video Sharing in Healthcare Marketing

Editor’s Note: This is a further installment in our continuing series of articles about social media and healthcare marketing. YouTube, and other video content sharing platforms, represent a low cost, easy to use and highly effective communications tools to engage and inspire your medical and healthcare marketing audience. The enormous popularity of YouTube makes it […]


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