Healthcare Robots Sell High-Tech Branding and Benefits

Our recent post titled, Meet Two Virtual Nurses Now Working in Medical Marketing, attracted a lot of reader interest and feedback. These two examples of technology interacting with patients for patient discharge and infection control are also marketing opportunities on at least two fronts.They do an important job at a cost-saving rate, and they spotlight a […]

Healthcare Publicity: Winning Techniques and Fatal Pitfalls to Your Free Press

More Inside Tips, Dos and Don’ts to Reach Patients Through the Media EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a follow up article to Healthcare Publicity: The First Three Steps To Getting Free Press Coverage Our previous article about medical publicity and public relations got you started with the first three steps to discovering short-term healthcare practice publicity […]

Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t: A Hospital Public Relations Brouhaha

There’s something unsettling about the healthcare article in The Seattle Times last week; it seems a bit out of balance. We’re guessing that the hospital public relations professionals in the Puget Sound area are scratching their heads over this one also. Is this a legitimate news story or a media-invented tempest in a teapot? The […]

Hospital Public Relations: When Really Nasty News Hits the Fan

Now and then, something really unpleasant happens at a hospital, medical center or even at a medical practice, and “bad news” abounds. Unflattering headlines and stories flow, and negative hospital public impressions and perceptions have administrators reaching for the extra large bottles of Pepto-Bismol. What if something like this hit the fan in your facility? […]

Living the Brand: Leading Your Organization’s Customer Experience Strategy

SHSMD 2011 Direct: Memorial Medical Center Director of Public Relations Kevin Stranberg Healthcare Success Director of Client Services Jamie Roney spoke with Memorial Medical Center Director of Public Relations Kevin Stranberg—direct from the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD2011) meeting in Phoenix. Typically, according to Kevin, an individual or a department is responsible for […]

Marketing Lessons from Massachusetts’ Reform Experience

Report from the Future: Marketing Lessons from Massachusetts’ Reform Experience In our continuing series of podcasts from #SHSMD11 in Phoenix, Healthcare Success Founding Partner Stewart Gandolf spoke with Alan Macdonald of South Shore Hospital (South Weymouth, MA). Alan provides an insightful look ahead in a presentation titled Report from the Future: Marketing Lessons from Massachusetts’ […]

“Priceline” Hospital Marketing: Will Patients Trust in “Lowest Bidder” Healthcare?

The big-picture objectives of the “Bundled Payments” initiative seem worthy: “Better Health, Better Care, Lower Costs.” But we have to wonder if hospital marketing and advertising will find itself answering patient concerns about trusting their wellbeing to a “lowest bidder” system? Under a pilot program announced recently by the Department of Health and Human Services, […]

Tweet Success With Precision Hospital Marketing Messages

What does a Twitter-based contest at the University of Iowa have in common with hospital marketing? For Tweet success, be sharp. The college essay readers at this institution were so overwhelmed with seeing students’ heavily edited essays from their parents or plagiarized essay themes that they did something a bit drastic. They created a full […]

From South Dakota to New York, Healthcare Marketing Has a Heart

From the nation’s heartland to the big city, here are two “healthy heart” illustrations of healthcare marketing at work. Avera Heart Hospital Marketing and PR Thinks Mega Some things are larger than life in South Dakota. For example, Avera Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls has a big heart and knows how to make a big impression […]


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