Social Media Backlash Cancels Puppy Event (and Other Hospital Advertising Lessons)

Keeping up with the “big stories” in the news is fairly easy. Dozens of media outlets jump on what’s hot and fuel the torrent of information overload. But, scratching a bit deeper, there are some timely and instructive news items about hospital advertising…with marketing lessons for administrators and marketing executives. Here’s a quick roundup of […]

Bravely Embracing Healthcare’s New Transparency Frontier

[Part of a continuing series.] There’s a long-standing attitude throughout much of the corporate world that avoids “transparency.” In the face of fierce competition and market rivalry, public- and privately-held businesses are understandably guarded about trade secrets, strategy information and business plans. It was a cultural attitude that, for many years, dominated the public relations […]

Hospital Marketing Opportunity Revealed: Get a YouTube Channel. Get Ahead.

Surprisingly few US hospitals have a YouTube Channel in their marketing lineup. Still fewer have the right content. Jumping on this opportunity is an open field competitive advantage. Here’s why and how. We’re one of those medical marketing companies that loves numbers. Good or bad, numbers can gauge progress, measure Return-on-Investment, and reveal opportunity. For […]

Internet Marketing Strategies Build Care Options for Pomona Valley Health Centers

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the March/April issue of Spectrum, a newsletter of the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development, and is presented here with permission. “Internet” proved to be the key word in Pomona Valley Health Centers’ marketing campaign to connect patients with its outpatient sites. By Chris Aldworth and Healthcare Success […]

Hospital Promotional Partners Leverage Clever Ideas for Greater Impact

If you missed the final score in St. Luke’s 2014 Baby Bowl…the boys won. And from a hospital promotional perspective, the other winner in this clever promotion was the New Beginnings Family Birth Centers at St. Luke’s University Health Network. Here are two recent case examples (and ideas you can use) for leveraging media exposure […]

Wait Watchers: ER Appointments Differentiate a Hospital Brand

Emergency Room appointments—for non-threatening care—are a flipping great idea. Ask a few patients in the Emergency Department (ED). Nobody likes to wait. And hospital wait times are—for both patients and administrators—a literal and figurative pain in the butt. And if you’ve “been-there-and-done-that,” the national average time patients spend in the emergency room before being seen […]

3 Video Concepts: Creative, Low Cost, Compelling Hospital Marketing

Some 89 million people in the US are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today. (Yes, just today.) Healthcare marketing professionals understand the popularity and importance of online video content. The first challenge is to create interesting and engaging video material that conveys a message, inspires action and is truly share-worthy. The further challenge […]

Animation: Captivating a Medical Marketing Audience

A message presented through animation captures attention, explains with clarity and often entertains. For certain situations, healthcare and hospital marketing can employ this unique creative approach to effective engagement and communications online. Guest Post by Dr. Manroop Takhar Let’s face it, communicating in the science-based world of medical marketing can sometimes be dry, clinical and […]

Online Patient Reviews: Power, Influence and Muscle to Grow Even Bigger

If you thought that online patient review sites were important, you’d be right. But new survey data reveals their muscle has tons of potential to grow. Unlike a few years ago, the research power of the Internet has transformed many patients into informed and empowered consumers. Looking for online information is often the first step […]

Heart and Vascular Services Top Hospital Marketing Priorities for 2014

It was nearly unanimous. Hospital marketing executives and administrators ranked marketing for various service lines as “extremely important” (65.5%) or “very important (24.1%), among respondents to the recent Healthcare Success (HSS) survey. Although service lines have generally commanded an important position in the marketing mix, Heart & Vascular Services ranked as the clear leader. It’s […]


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