Hospital Promotional Partners Leverage Clever Ideas for Greater Impact

If you missed the final score in St. Luke’s 2014 Baby Bowl…the boys won. And from a hospital promotional perspective, the other winner in this clever promotion was the New Beginnings Family Birth Centers at St. Luke’s University Health Network. Here are two recent case examples (and ideas you can use) for leveraging media exposure […]

Back From the Brink: Financial and PR Recovery at Ohio Valley Health

[Podcast Series] In our continuing hospital leadership series, Lonnie Hirsch talks with Laurie Labishak, VP Marketing, PR and Community Relations, Ohio Valley Health Services and Education, Wheeling WV. Recorded at the SHSMD Connections meeting in Chicago, Laurie describes the community hospitals’ recovery strategy, successful turnaround and public relations strategy.  The public relations situation could hardly have […]

4 Hospital Promotions That Get Down with the Community

Three community-minded ideas that your hospital might want to “borrow.” Plus an enjoyable, and completely unique, billboard concept that you probably won’t be able to steal. The Affordable Care Act rollout continues to inspire ideas that promote wellness and healthy living. Hospitals, medical centers—and in some instances group medical practices—are increasingly open to various ways […]

Challenges and Benefits: An Inside Look at Marketing at CHOC Children’s Hospital

[Podcast] Our continuing series of healthcare and hospital marketing interviews today spotlights CHOC Children’s Hospital in Orange County, CA. Jan Lansing, Vice President of Marketing and Communications talks with Healthcare Success Co-Founder and Hospital Division Director Lonnie Hirsch. CHOC, Children’s Hospital is located in Orange County (CA), the fifth most populous county in the US. […]

Internet Marketing Insights from Sutter’s Award Winning Website for Women

[Case Study] There’s a lot to like about Sutter Health System’s interactive website for women. From a consumer perspective, is a robust and highly useful health and wellness resource for residents of the Sacramento, CA community and Northern California. In fact, it’s been repeatedly recognized as one of the nation’s best consumer health websites. […]

Share Your Open House Success Formula: Unique Healthcare Marketing Ideas Wanted

Do you have an idea for a successful open house? Please tell us about it. All too often we bump into a medical practice or hospital doing an “open house” or something similar. So far, so good…a community and patient involvement special event can be a useful doctor marketing tool. The problem is that simply […]

Healthcare Publicity: The First Three Steps to Getting Free Press Coverage

Get Free Healthcare Practice Publicity by Giving Local Media What They Want Ever wonder what the difference is between advertising and publicity? Simply put, publicity is free. Advertising costs money. In other words, if a newspaper writes a news article about you (but doesn’t charge you), that’s publicity. If the newspaper charges you for the […]

Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t: A Hospital Public Relations Brouhaha

There’s something unsettling about the healthcare article in The Seattle Times last week; it seems a bit out of balance. We’re guessing that the hospital public relations professionals in the Puget Sound area are scratching their heads over this one also. Is this a legitimate news story or a media-invented tempest in a teapot? The […]

Out of the Executive Suite and Into the Bedpan: Front-Line Approach to Hospital Marketing and PR

We think this concept is an unusual, but exceptional, way to reveal system-wide hospital marketing and public relations opportunities. Could it also be used in a healthcare provider’s office? A television program initially inspired his idea, says David Musyj, president and CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital in Ontario, Canada. It’s anything but an ordinary approach […]

Heard about “Patch?” Something New and Local for Healthcare Advertising and Public Relations

Here’s something to add to your list of local news media. It’s called, it’s new and it probably belongs on your hospital or medical practice advertising and public relations media list. Patch—which creates a dedicated local news presence in upscale communities—calls itself “your source for local knowledge you can’t live without.” Patch isn’t everywhere […]


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